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Humourous Warning Signs – Construction Signs

If you’re driving through Canada in the summertime, you’re bound to come across your fair share of construction signs. You’ll be warned with the usual orange and black signs that indicate there’s “construction ahead”, “narrow lanes ahead”, “rough roads ahead”, “lane closed ahead” and so on. Those signs are important to brace drivers for changing road conditions, and to give them notice to slow down and watch out for construction workers who will be in the area. But not every construction sign is so serious. Here are a few humourous warning signs, from the roads and elsewhere, that keep people informed of construction projects while providing a laugh in the process.

You know what’s coming

If you’re going to be stuck in construction-related traffic, it helps to be able to laugh it off. It seems like the worker who programmed this sign wanted to poke some fun at the impending traffic jam while still acknowledging the feelings of annoyance that drivers trapped in gridlock will feel.

Funny Warning Sign

You know the saying

These construction workers took the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and turned it into a reminder that construction projects are necessary endeavours, even if they take time to complete. And yes, any contractor that could build Rome in a day would be overwhelmed with requests.

Funny Warning Sign

Pop cultured

The people working on this construction site, however, seem to think they’ll be able to get the job done rather quickly. Maybe not in a day, but in less time than it takes a notable celebrity to go from “I do” to “I think we should see other people.”

Funny Sign

Construction combat zone

We’re used to seeing big machines in construction zones, but tanks? Judging by the background behind this sign, it wouldn’t appear as though a war was going on, but the photo may only tell a part of the story. In any case, motorists expecting construction delays may have been in for much bigger disruptions on the roads if this sign wasn’t meant to be funny.

Funny Warning Sign

Danger! Danger!

Whoever programmed this roadside construction sign is evidently a fan of the alternative rock band, Electric Six. A few lyrics from their debut single, “Danger! High Voltage,” appeared in sequence on this sign. For drivers unfamiliar with the song, it may have proved to be a rather confusing warning.

Funny Warning Sign

Work in progress

Sometimes the funniest signs are the ones that weren’t ever meant to be funny. The particular wording of this sign probably wasn’t created to indicate human beings were being worked on, but that’s the message that comes across. Considering all the hard work that construction workers put in every day, it wouldn’t be surprising to know they themselves need some repair from time to time.

Funny Sign

Things might get slippery

Lastly, one from the “no kidding” file. Just in case drivers weren’t sure what was causing all that moisture accumulation on the road during a rainstorm, this sign will clarify things. What isn’t clear though, is why this sign was necessary in the first place.

Funny Warning Sign

If you need signs for a construction job or any other reason, contact us to find out all that we can do for you. We can handle the signage, but we’ll leave the humour up to you.