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Electronic Message Centre Signs

Electronic message centre signs feature a display screen used to promote specific things, like sales or events. By featuring LED lights that present changeable messages these signs offer a level of customization that traditional static signs simply can’t match.

Electronic message centre signs are most often positioned in front of a building because they are so useful for informing people about why they should enter.


How much do electronic message centre signs cost?

An electronic message centre sign can be a valuable addition to any organization. The price of the sign depends on its size and design. Contact our expert team to receive a quote for the custom electronic message centre sign you’re looking for.

Types of electronic message centre signs

Mostly all electronic message centre signs offer the same core benefits: LED lights that can be changed remotely at a moment’s notice. The difference among this type of outdoor sign essentially boils down to where and how the screen is displayed.

Pylon electronic message boards

Pylon signs stand independent of a building . Usually, they are placed out by a sidewalk or road, where pedestrians and motorists can see them from a distance.

Screens displaying changeable LED letters can be included as part of a pylon sign, so passers by don’t just see your company name and logo, they also see your latest offer or next big event. Whatever you choose to put on the screen, a pylon sign with an LED screen will help broadcast your message in a highly visible, highly effective way.

Storefront electronic message boards

If you don’t have the space to add a pylon sign with a screen for LED letters, you can instead opt to incorporate an electronic message centre sign into your storefront. These storefront signs are usually placed in a window or above an entrance way, where people passing by or entering the store can easily read your messages.

The benefits of Electronic message centre signs

Electronic message centre signs can augment the effectiveness of any marketing campaign by delivering a clear message to potential customers or clients. But beyond the obvious benefit of being able to display different messages, electronic message centre signs deliver several secondary benefits that make them truly invaluable marketing tools. The first benefit is speed. Not only can content be changed, it can be changed in mere seconds.

That means if you’ve been using the sign to promote an event, you can display a new message the moment that event ends. You can also change the LED letters remotely, so there’s no need to fumble with those notoriously annoying reader board letters or bring out the ladder to reach elevated signs. Being able to change the LED letters remotely is particularly convenient during inclement Canadian winters.

Electronic message centre signs are also affordable and easy to maintain. The LED lights About Signs uses are exceptionally efficient, letting you share your messages for years before they need to be replaced. The final benefit, which goes beyond flexibility and convenience, is that the LED letters on the screen are fully visible at night, meaning the only time your sign isn’t visible is when you choose to turn it off.

Who uses electronic message centre signs?

Electronic message centre signs can be used by all kinds of organizations and companies. Schools, churches, community centres, stores, charities, restaurants and taverns are all common examples of where these signs are successfully deployed.

Whether you want to schedule parent-teacher interviews, announce a flash sale or showcase tonight’s dinner specials, an electronic message centre sign is a terrific tool for getting your message out there.

Where About signs provides electronic message centre signs

About Signs is trusted by organizations across Southwestern Ontario for top-quality electronic message centre signs. We install these captivating outdoor signs in the following municipalities:

Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Markham, Scarborough, Erin, Ajax, Oshawa, Hamilton, Grimsby, Vaughan, Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Caledon, Newmarket, Stouffville, Aurora, Orangeville, Kitchener and Niagara Falls.

If you’re looking to have a sign installed in one of these places, please get in touch with us.

Digital Signage Offers More Flexibility for Your Business

Your signage needs may change from month to month, week to week, or even day–to–day. With digital signage, you can customize your message as often as you need to meet your advertising goals. Electronic signage is a cost-effective way to keep your reader board up to date and consistent with your current promotions and overall marketing strategy.

Digital signs can be changed almost instantly with up to date information, specials, or even a simple message of the day. An outdoor reader board could advertise upcoming events, after-hours contact details, or anything else that you want the public to see.
Electronic signage is perfect for commercial businesses and is also widely used for community organizations, churches, government agencies, schools and other groups.

About Signs is the best company for affordable digital signage throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Electronic Signage is Worth the Upfront Investment

There’s no question that electronic signage is a significant upfront investment, but the same can be said about many of your marketing efforts. The difference with digital signage is that you will enjoy a significant return on your investment, which can help to offset the initial cost.

The efficiency of digital signage and the ability to adapt your message to meet your ever-changing needs make it one of the best marketing investments that you can make in your businesses, community group, parish, or whatever organization you manage. We offer cost-competitive rates for electronic signage that will set you apart from your competitors.

Digital Signage Can Be Controlled Remotely

You’ll also benefit from the fact that digital signage can be controlled remotely. This means that you won’t even need to be on-site to manage your sign. This is a significant improvement over traditional reader boards that require a significant investment in time to change each day, or whenever you need to adjust your message.

A successful business or community group needs to be efficient. You can reduce costs over time with digital signage that can be controlled remotely through a simple application. If you’ve been searching for ways to streamline your daily workflow. Electronic signage will have a significant role in helping you to achieve your goals.

Your Reader Board Could Increase Engagement and Traffic to Your Business

If you’re in business anywhere in Southwestern Ontario, you will know that staying engaged with your audience is key to success. If you have a visible reader board on the roadside in front of your business, you will have a chance to engage with all passing motorists. Your message will be front and center, visible in all conditions, even during the evenings.

Peak traffic times could expose hundreds or even thousands of people to your brand and your message, depending on where your business is located. Even if you aren’t a commercial operation, engaging more with the public could help you to achieve your goals. Churches, community groups, government offices, schools, nonprofits, and a whole range of non-commercial organizations can benefit from electronic reader boards.

About Signs Offers Digital Signs Throughout Southwestern Ontario

We are proudly based in Oakville and have served the local community for more than two decades. We have expanded our business to provide digital signs to our valued customers throughout Southwestern Ontario.

We are ready to design your digital sign to perfectly meet your needs. We can incorporate digital signs into pylons , ground signs, storefronts, windows, or any other display that you have in mind. Each solution is customized to the unique needs of the client. If you want the experience of working with the best digital signage company in the region, it’s time to talk to About Signs.


What is an electronic message centre sign?

Electronic message centre signs are a modern take on the traditional reader boards that businesses have used for more than a century. Whereas the old model would require an employee to grab a box of letters then slide them into the board, an electronic message centre sign is updated remotely, using software. This not only makes electronic message centre signs extremely versatile, it also makes them remarkably convenient.

Other names for electronic message centre signs include:

  • Electronic Message Boards
  • Digital Billboards
  • LED information signs
  • LED displays
  • LED Reader or Reader Boards
  • Scrolling Message Boards