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Illuminated Signs – Outdoor Backlit Sign Boxes

The surest way to capture the attention of your audience when the sun goes down is with light. Signage that lacks lighting is difficult to see at night, which can leave your brand quite literally in the dark.

This is why so many businesses rely on outdoor backlit sign boxes from About Signs Limited.

Learn about our outdoor backlit sign boxes and get a no-obligation quote from our team today.


What Are Backlit Shop Sign Boxes?

Backlit shop signs go by a few different names like outdoor backlit sign box, aluminum sign box, and external light box, to name the most common. A backlit shop sign is created with a front panel, an aluminum surround, and internal lighting. The front panel is made from acrylic, allowing the light source to illuminate the entire sign including graphics and lettering.

The advantages of backlit shop signs are efficiency, cost, and durability. Our channel letters are extremely popular for storefront signage, but they require meticulous crafting and sometimes multiple light sources. Backlit shop signs use a shared light source, and the face is made from one large flat panel of acrylic. Light is controlled with a combination of opaque and transparent coloured sections on the acrylic, which creates the lettering and graphics.

Essentially, we black out some areas and let the light come through others. The result is an impressive, extremely legible, and undeniably attractive sign that keeps your brand lit up at night. Our material choices aren’t just esthetic. Aluminum surrounds keep backlit shop signs durable. The metal resists corrosion but creates rigidity and stability. Acrylic is relatively lightweight, and it’s the perfect material to allow light to shine through the front of the sign. These signs also look great in the day with colours and outlines appearing bright and natural.

What Kind of Lighting is Used in External Light Boxes?

We use efficient LED lighting for our external light box designs in Ontario. This type of lighting is more efficient than traditional incandescent or CFL lighting, it runs cooler, and requires less maintenance.

If you want an external light box that will shine for years to come, LED is the way to go.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Use Aluminum Sign Boxes?

Any business looking for efficient signage that works as well in the evening as it does in the day should consider our aluminum sign boxes.

We’ve created aluminum sign boxes for law offices, warehouse and industrial companies, auto care companies and showrooms, general retailers, real estate companies, home builders, restaurants, gyms, convenience stores, medical practices, and countless other businesses.

Our aluminum sign boxes are suited to all industries, as well as organizations like schools, sports clubs, charities, and government services.

Start Creating Your Outdoor Backlit Sign Box Today

Choose to keep your brand visible day or night. We create the best outdoor backlit sign boxes in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Niagara, Oakville, Burlington, and throughout Southwestern Ontario.

We offer competitive rates and the highest standards of workmanship for signs that will attract new customers for years to come. Contact us today and get your brand noticed.


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How to Make Light Box Signs Memorable

We offer extensive customization options with a complete design consultation. We’ll tell you how to make light box signs memorable based on your unique concept.

Some of the basics of how to make light box signs memorable include:

  • Using bold lettering with clear outlines so your sign is visible and legible from a distance.
  • Keeping the complexity of graphics to a minimum to ensure your logo or other images are seen.
  • Limiting the use of colour to a modest palette to avoid a sign that looks too busy or confusing.