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Lightbox Signs for Increased Brand Visibility Day and Night

Attractive lightbox signage is one of the most effective ways to improve the presence of your business. Whether you use a light box indoors or outdoors, you will never have to rely on ambient lighting or even outdoor street lighting to ensure that your signage gets noticed.

About Signs Limited creates attractive lightbox displays to promote your brand. Discover the advantages and customization options to get more eyes on your company name and graphics.


What are Lightbox Signs?

Also known as cabinet signs, lightbox signs are custom illuminated sign boxes that are ideal for storefronts, building signage, directory signs, and indoor signs in showrooms and other commercial spaces.

Lightboxes are illuminated from within using efficient LED lighting solutions. They can be mounted to walls, posts, pylons ,monuments, and custom sign backings.

Style options are extensive, ranging from flat symmetrical signs, custom shaped signs to suit a logo or graphic, and signs with printed, painted, or embossed faces.

Lightboxes can also be used with push-through letters for an impressive halo lighting effect.

How Much Does it Cost to Design and Install Lighted Box Signs?

The cost of lighted box signs varies significantly depending on several factors. The material you choose, the size of the signs, and the complexity will all contribute to your quote on lighted box signs.

The type of installation is also important. Lighted box signs affixed to existing walls are typically more affordable than signs mounted to pylons, monuments, and custom directory displays. We’ll discuss all of your options so that you can make the right investment for your business needs.

At About Signs Limited we have more than 20 years of experience in the signage industry. Our efficient design and production methods allow us to keep lighted box signs costs competitive with the wider market. You can contact us with design ideas and specifications and we’ll prepare a no-obligation quote.

What Materials are Used for Custom Light Boxes?

Every light box is unique. The extreme diversity in designs, from large billboards and storefront style signs, right down to compact hanging blade signs, means that you can get the perfect look for your storefront, pylon, monument, or interior.

High-quality materials are used to ensure durability and eye-catching esthetics.

The sides of light boxes are typically made from aluminum. This material is highly resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuations. In a single-faced sign, the rear can also be fabricated using aluminum.

For the illuminated face, acrylic or polycarbonate plastic can be used. The exact material depends on several factors. Do you need a clear window for posters, or are you looking to incorporate a large logo and lettering into your design? If you are adding push-thru letters, acrylic is typically the material used for the face.

Colours for both the metal siding and faces can be fully customized.

Where are Lightboxes Used?

Lightboxes can be found at commercial businesses, schools, government offices, and anywhere that strong branding and labelling are needed.

If you own a restaurant, café, coffee shop, retail space, or any other kind of commercial establishment, you can use a light box as primary signage. Industrial businesses can use lightboxes to display a company name and other key information.

Large lightboxes can be used for directory signs inside shopping malls, high rise commercial buildings, apartments, and other locations.

Lightboxes are also great for interior signage as they can be mounted directly to walls or custom made standing signs. Portable custom lightboxes may even be used for tradeshows and events.

Get Started on Your Custom Lightbox with About Signs Limited

We offer lightboxes throughout Southwestern Ontario including Toronto, the GTA, Hamilton, Niagara, Oakville, and nearby areas. If you have a concept in mind or simply want to get started with a quote, you can talk to us today.

If you’re looking for maximum brand visibility with an attractive sign that will provide years of value, lightbox signage is one of the best investments you can make.

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What are the Benefits of Light Box Signs?

Custom light box signs in Southwestern Ontario offer similar benefits to other illuminated signs. Increased brand visibility, helping customers to find your business, and standing out from the competition are inherent advantages of all our custom signage.

  • Light box signs also offer unique advantages to set them apart from simpler types of illuminated signage.
  • Light box signs are ideal for highly specialized signage. Cinema-style poster advertising lightboxes are excellent examples of this.
  • With acrylic faces, light box signs are ideal for custom graphics and logos as well as lettering

    • Light box signs are deep and can be faced on both sides, making them ideal for pylons and even for replacing traditional hanging blade signs.
    • All lighting components are housed within the enclosed box, improving durability.

Whether you want to promote a brand with your logo and lettering or create custom advertising light box signs that can house posters, store specials, and other information, we are standing by to get started on the design process.