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Neon Signs – Timeless Beauty for Commercial Signs

Neon signs have an unmistakable look that evokes memories of the past while still feeling wonderfully futuristic.

The bright glow with clearly defined outlines and rich colour hues work together to improve your branding or elevate your commercial space using big letters with lights. 

Whether you’re looking for neon letter signs for a storefront, or smaller signs for use in retail or hospitality, About Signs Limited will custom design, fabricate, and install the best neon signs in Southwestern Ontario. 

What are Neon Signs?

If you’ve seen a traditional bar or restaurant sign, you’ve likely seen a neon sign. These signs are specialty electric signs that are illuminated using gas-discharge tubes. For advertising, neon dates back all the way to the 1920s, and many businesses still choose to use neon signs today.

Big letters with lights look unique and they’re unmistakable when illuminated at night or day. Because the gas-discharge tubes are often used to form the lettering, the text on neon signs is sharp, highly legible, and free of any blur or light bleed.

Neon big letters with lights look their best in the evenings and in low-light conditions. They also work fantastically indoors, managing to stand out and attract attention even in brightly lit retail spaces and showrooms. LED lighting has overtaken neon in terms of popularity, but plenty of business owners in Canada still want the timeless look of brightly glowing neon tubes.

If you fall into this category, About Signs Limited can help.

How Much Do Neon Letter Signs Cost?

The cost of neon letter signs can vary depending on the size of the sign and the complexity of the lettering. This ranges from extremely affordable for a traditional “OPEN” sign for a grocery store, up to a significant (but valuable) investment for primary storefront neon letter signs or large wall signs.

We customize every quote to the unique needs of our clients, and our rates are highly competitive. If you have a project in mind and want to get started with a no-obligation quote, you can talk to us today.

Are There Better Options than Neon Letter Signs?

LED lighting is an alternative to neon that you can consider over neon letter signs.

Depending on the size of neon lit up letter signs, choosing LED instead of neon letter signs could result in energy savings of up to 60%. Neon signs typically last for five to seven years before the tubes need to be repaired or replaced. LED lit up letter signs can last for up to ten years in some cases.

Is Neon Suited to Illuminated Channel Letters?

Our illuminated channel letters are created with LED lighting to improve efficiency and durability. They are striking in appearance and equally as impressive as neon.

Illuminated channel letters are typically front or halo lit, so the look is not quite the same as neon. However, it can have a similar impact and many people find that LED illuminated channel letters are much more contemporary.

If practicality and a modern look are what you’re after, you can get a quote for illuminated channel letters today.

Want Big Letters With Lights? Start Designing Neon Signs Today

Your brand can become infinitely more memorable and impressive when you incorporate big letters with lights into your signage.

We offer neon signs and a wide variety of illuminated signage in Southwestern Ontario. Toronto, the GTA, Oakville, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Niagara are just some of the areas we serve. If you’re nearby, talk to us today and we’ll prepare a quote to bring your signage project to life.

What Can You Do With Neon Lit Up Letter Signs?

The versatility of neon lit up letter signs is immense. In the early days of illuminated signage, neon signs dominated the industry. The glowing tubes were used in many creative ways to bring attention to businesses, brands, and locations.

Neon lit up letter signs are particularly popular for bars, clubs, and restaurants. They are also used in the retail industry and at commercial events like trade shows and conferences. If you are looking for a way to better promote your brand and keep it memorable, neon lit up letters can get the job done.

    With About Signs Limited, you can use neon lit up letter signs to:

  • Display clearly legible text on a wall or sign backing, with a beautiful and clearly defined glow.
  • Outline the shape of a sign, whether it be a hanging blade sign, wall sign, storefront sign, or even a monument or pylon sign.
  • Like other lit up letter signs, neon signs can be colour customized to suit your existing brand image.
  • Create a logo or image from glowing neon. Neon tubes create a unique stencil-esque outline that is extremely captivating.
  • Incorporate lighting into a traditional handpainted or printed signboard. Neon can be used to accentuate text and images on a traditional sign, without detracting from its overall esthetic.
  • Neon lit up letter signs are incredibly versatile. The unique look of neon can help your business to stand out from its competitors. From big letters with lights to small door signs and directional signs, there are options suited to any situation.