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Push Through Signs in Southwestern Ontario

You want your business to stand out. The way you portray your brand with your signage can have a huge impact.

Push thru signs from About Signs Limited can get you noticed in all of the right ways. Capture the attention of your target market and make your name memorable with our impressive push through signs.


What are Push Thru Signs?

Push thru signs are unique commercial signs that are typically made from acrylic and mounted to walls, custom sign backings, and monuments. They’re highly customizable allowing you to choose from a range of colours, lettering styles, and shapes.

The unique look of push thru signs comes from the manufacturing process. The flat face of the sign is routed for lettering and graphics, and then acrylic is pushed through the surface to create three-dimensional depth. With illumination, these signs look even better, and they can be used for interior or exterior signs.

What is the Cost of Push Through Signs?

Push through signs are priced depending on their size, shape, complexity, and whether or not they feature lighting. Smaller signs with fewer letters or graphic complexity are typically more affordable. Even if you spend more for larger and more complex push through signs, you’ll enjoy a strong return on your investment.

We design, manufacture, and install our push through signs in house, helping us to keep our rates competitive. You can get your push through signs quote from About Signs Limited today

Illuminated Push Through Signs Create an Even Bigger Impact

Push through signs can be made without lighting for interior spaces or outdoor signage where there is sufficient lighting. However, if you want to make the biggest impact, you can choose illuminated push through signs.

We can incorporate backlighting to make the letters on your illuminated push through signs stand out. Diffused back or side lighting can create a visible glow during the day, and standout lighting with real depth in the evenings.

Layered acrylic letters on illuminated push through signs can feature a solid colour on the face of each letter.

Get The Best Looking Push Through Signs in Southwestern Ontario

We have more than 20 years of experience delivering the best-looking signage in Southwestern Ontario.

Our illuminated push through signs are available in areas including Oakville, Toronto, the GTA, Hamilton, Mississauga, and nearby towns, suburbs, and cities.

No project is too big or too small for our team. Set your brand apart by getting started with your push thru signs today.


The Benefits of Push Thru Signs

Our illuminated and non-illuminated push thru signs brings more visibility and prestige to your business. The three-dimensional depth of each sign is captivating, helping to bring attention to your brand.

Signage offers a strong return on investment because it gets your business seen. Push thru signs can be used on your storefront, on a monument sign, a directory sign, or even a taller pylon sign.

Push thru signs can be used indoors for building directories, in receptions and lobbies, on the walls of your conference rooms, or anywhere else that you want to reinforce your brand.

If you frequently visit trade shows or other industry events, we can create push through signs for exhibits and stalls that you can pack down and take with you on the road.

However you plan to use your signage, we have the solutions at About Signs Limited.

With custom signage, your business will benefit from:

  • Increased name and logo recognition in your local market.
  • More trust from consumers thanks to your impressive business presentation.
  • The ability to promote not only your name, but other details like opening hours, contact details, and information about what you offer.
  • An easier to find business location thanks to recognizable outdoor signage.