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Up Productivity with Internal Communication Boards

Have you ever visited an office and found the walls covered in motivational posters? Noting says generic office environment like a black-framed poster of a group of skydivers with the word “teamwork” printed beneath it. If you want to inspire your employees to achieve and maintain a high level of productivity, there are a number of better internal signage options – ones that can be customized for your company so that employees recognize that they’re working for a unique organization, not just any other business. Here’s a rundown of how internal communications boards can increase productivity, and what kinds of boards and signage you might consider utilizing.

Highlighting what needs to be done

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With all of the advances in information technology over the years, we’ve become skilled, and quite accustomed, at using our computers to keep tabs on what we have scheduled. However, storing information on a computer means that it’s often hidden from most people, and can sometimes be forgotten.

Having prominent signage around the office makes it easier to highlight to employees what their most pressing tasks are, as well as giving them a way to monitor what’s being done and when it’s completed. For example, a whiteboard that lists daily and monthly tasks gives employees a visual cue to stay focused on their work until it’s done. Being able to wipe a task of a to-do list also provides employees with a sense of satisfaction.

Presenting information

For employees to stay productive, it helps when they feel as though they belong to a team. To foster that sense of camaraderie, you can use internal communications boards to announce news from the company, list events that employees can take part in, and other relevant information. In doing so, you’ll ensure employees aren’t in the dark about what’s happening around the organization. Things like staff events (such as baseball or bowling team sign up sheets, Secret Santa Sign ups, student bursary awards, staff BBQ events, or staff golf tournaments are other examples of what you can put on the board.

On a related note, you can use communication boards to keep your customers informed as well. Boards can be customized to hold pamphlets, info sheets, business cards, and other printed items that your customers can pick up when they visit your office or store.

Valuing employees

Workers want to feel as though their time and effort is valuable, and that the duties they carry out are significant. It’s important to recognize employees when they do their work on time, or when they go above and beyond to create exceptional results. Communication boards give you the opportunity to write thank you or congratulatory notes to outstanding employees that everyone can see. In that way, the recognized employee feels gratified, and all other employees know that their efforts are valued.

Creating a culture

When you create customized signage in your company’s colours or boards emblazoned with your company’s logo, you take ownership of your workspace and let it be known that it distinctly belonging to you. What’s more, you can create personalized signage to convey the principles your company stands for, and the goals it strives to achieve every day. Such reminders keep employees on task, and even raise their commitment level to the organization, so long as they share in the values you (and your signs) promote.