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Information Sign Shops Require from Their Customers?

Custom signs are a great way to promote your business and attract customers. They increase brand awareness and help your business stand out from your competition.  When you approach a sign shop to get a custom sign created, you have to provide some information to help them better understand your requirements.
So what details will the manufacturer need?

wall sign

Indoor or Outdoor Signs?

Is the sign going to be used indoor or outdoor? This information will help the manufacturer choose the right material for the sign.

Temporary or Long Lasting Signs?

If you want the sign to last a long time, you need to choose a durable material.
Other details that the manufacturer will require include the following:
• Material
• Size of the sign
• Reflective or colored vinyl
• Digitally printed full color
• Verbage
• Quantity
• Expected date of delivery
• Logo

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is designed to meet your requirements and measurements. Vinyl signs can be applied to nearly all smooth surfaces including doors, windows and vehicles. Vinyl is made from extruded plastic. It can withstand weather elements and this makes vinyl signs suitable for outdoors.

What files will you need to submit?

The sign shop will ask for your graphics. We accept TIFF, JPEG or high resolution PSD files. Files created in CorelDraw X3, PDF, Adobe Illustrator AI are also accepted. The graphics should have a resolution of 300 dpi.

Will you manage to color match my logo?

We will color match your logo to the closest colored vinyl. If it is possible, try to give us a pantone color.

Pantone is basically a color-matching technique invented by Pantone. This method allows people to choose standardized colors. When printed these colors will look the same.

Will you create a logo for my business?

Yes, why not? We have a team of qualified graphics designers. They are adept at creating and re-drawing logos. We charge $75/hour.
You also need to discuss the following things with your sign manufacturer. Don’t hire a sign manufacturer who does not bother to ask about these things.

Who is your target audience?

Signs are used for business purposes. They should create awareness about your brand and enhance its reputation. The manufacturer should know who your target audience is. Otherwise, they will not be able to create a sign that caters to your business.

Where are you going to use the sign?

If the sign is going to be used outdoors, it should be able to hold up well in weather elements. Vinyl signs are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.  Besides vinyl, signs are available in several different materials including nylon, environmentally friendly products and flex face. Choosing the right materials is important because the durability of the sign depends upon the material.

At About Signs Limited, we have over 2 decades of experience in creating custom signs. We create a wide variety of custom signs and serve both residential and commercial users. We create outdoor signs, storefront signs, vehicle graphics, car lettering and many more.  We are committed to offering the highest quality customized signs to our customers. We deliver signs on time and work closely with our customers. Our signs will easily distinguish you from your competition and help you win more customers.