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Interesting Full Vehicle Wraps and Graphics


Deadmau5, the Canadian DJ and music producer recently caused quite a stir with his fully vehicle wrapped Ferrari 458. The wrap was pink and it featured a Nyan Cat Theme, along with the clever Purarri license plates. Many people thought the car was clever, however quite a few disliked it as he was enhancing an already beautiful machine. Whatever your opinion, you can’t argue that the vehicle was quite creative.  About Signs does Full and Partial Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Graphics, which is why we are interested in this story. As such we’ve created a list of seven full vehicle wraps and vehicle lettering and graphics that we have stood out in our minds. Like Deadmau5′ Ferrari, some of these vehicles wraps are a little crazy, however we also picked a couple practical vehicle wraps that are perfect for advertising your business .

Smart Center Oakville – Vehicle Wrap


Smart Center Oakville

We are biased with this one, as About Signs created this beautiful vinyl wrap for Smart Center Oakville’s eco-friendly smart car. The green wrap on the smart car tells you everything you need to know. We also love the watermark leaves.  This, in our minds, is a perfect example of how vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics can work for your business.

Steam Whistle – “The Steam Machine”

Steam Whistle Econoline

This Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine inspired vehicle combines our love of well made beer and Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Similar to this 1967 Ford Econoline Steam Whistle has refurbished a lot of classic vehicles and added vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics for some amazing results. Steam Whistle has always been on the cutting edge of marketing and reducing their carbon footprint. They definitely do vehicle graphics right.

Presto Bus Wrap

Presto Bus Hamilton
This green bus wrap is very eye catching. Presto is an electronic fare payment system available across 10 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa. If you rely on public transit in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington or Mississauga, Presto allows you to travel seamlessly across those regions.  This is a huge vehicle wrap, but it just goes to show you how extensive vehicle graphics can be.

Tim Horton’s Truck Graphic

Tim Horton's Truck
It must be a wonderful job being a Tim Horton’s truck driver. No matter how grumpy another driver is, seeing your truck is always going to brighten up their day. This is a truck graphic that About Signs did for Tim Hortons recently. We were very proud of our work, as Tim Horton’s message is clear. The truck lettering and graphics explain to the viewer exactly what the message is about instantaneously.

National Geographic Shark Bus

Shark Bus Wrap

Who doesn’t love shark week? And National Geographic always has the best documentaries that show up during this infamous week. Our favourite creative wrap has to be this National Geographic Bus.  It’s quite clever how the great white shark’s jaws open and close with the bus doors. While this vinyl wrap wasn’t for shark week, it was for National Geographic’s new channel, and it definitely caught our eye.

Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Lettering

We’d love to hear back from you at some of your favourite vehicle wraps and truck lettering.  Leave About Signs a comment below on one of your favourites.  About Signs works and operates in the Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington region for all things signs.  That includes storefront signs, lawn signs, interior signs, and we can even to residential signs, like placing your house address on your home.