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Interior Signs

When it comes to interior signs, the options available are almost endless. Whether you require indoor banners or posters to advertise an event or promotion; a trade show display booth to help you stand apart from the competition or basic directional signs that help your customers find a way to a certain department, About Signs provides service in Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and the surrounding area and we can provide you with quality indoor signage sure to catch the eye of your audience.

If types of signs were a topic on the game show Family Feud, 80% of people would probably list a type of outdoor sign, such as a traffic sign, as number one. We typically don’t think of indoor signs as a sign, even though we use them daily. Imagine trying to navigate around a hospital without a wall sign to direct you to the right ward. Perhaps the most important sign (next to the fire exit sign) are the ones that direct you to the restrooms.

Trade Show Displays

About Signs creates a lot of trade show display signs for all sorts of events like the Toronto Food Show, the Hamilton Wedding Show, or the Milton Trade Fair. We create signs for fairs, exhibitions, travelling road shows, concerts and special events, where we create banners and banner stands, along with backdrops for your event, or promotional posters.

Wall Signs

About Signs also creates interior signs for walls and doors. We can put your company name, or your employee’s names on their doors, as well as directional signs on walls. Not only that, we can put motivational quotes or mission statements up on walls. About Signs also creates desk nameplates and name tags.

Quality You Can Trust

If you are in the market for indoor signs to help you with your event, organization or business, have a browse through our gallery to help you determine which type of signage best suits your needs. When you are ready, contact us for a free quote.