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Banner Stands

If you attend trade shows, host events at various venues or even have pop up displays for your business, then banners work well to attract attention and present your business in a professional manner. Hanging banners, however, are often not convenient since you may not always be allowed or able to display them properly. This is where retractable banner stands can be a life saver.

Retractable banner stands with telescopic poles are the ideal stands to display your banners at trade shows, conference rooms, reception areas, etc. Use them at your own location in waiting rooms, lobbies or for special promotions or take them with you to the venue of your choice.

This type of signage works amazing for offsite events when you need something that is quick and easy to set up and that does not require any special accommodation from the venue.

Banner stands are ideal for event marketing because they are extremely portable and easy to set up. Banner stands can be created in vibrant colours that will effectively attract your audiences’ attention. Banner stands are particularly useful because they can highlight important information to your consumers in a quick and visually pleasing manner. Create an effective banner stand that makes your company stand out from your competition.

Changeable Banners

Depending on the needs of your company, you may wish to have an easy to carry retractable banner. Alternatively, if you know that you will have to change your banners periodically, changeable banner stands are also available for frequent and easy change out options.

Let About Signs Create the Ideal Standing Banner for You

If your company or organization is in the Burlington, Milton, Oakville or Hamilton area and would benefit from having vibrant, portable banner stands, then you owe it to yourself to speak with a representative from About Signs. A member of our team will be happy to review your options with you and provide a free quote.