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Wall Decals and Custom Label

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to display your company brand is through the application of decals. Using decals allows you to add your logo or message to property or supplies you already have. In the case of small window decals, they can also make great swag to give out to your customers. That’s why so many businesses in Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga and beyond trust About Signs to provide them with a wide variety of decals.

Where Can Decals Be Displayed?

Decals have many different applications, they can be applied to hard-hats, helmets, circuit boards and many other types of equipment both indoor and outdoor. At About Signs we can print in a large variety of colours and designs. You can create a decal out of your logo or any other image you submit to us. For a more dramatic effect decals can be printed on metallic film, which provides a mirror like finish.

Floor decals are becoming increasingly popular where images and/or logos are applied directly to the floor and are sealed with special floor laminates. The use of floor decals in businesses such as retail stores is a great way to find more space to display your message without taking up space that would otherwise be used to display merchandise.

Wall Decals

Decals are an extremely versatile sign option that can be applied to many different surfaces to create many desired looks. Common places for decals include windows, walls, and more recently floors. Decals can be very decorative and add a modern edge to any surface. Whether the decal creates brand awareness, informs customers, or decorates your room, decals are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

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If you’re wondering how using various types of decals can help promote your business or organization, then Contact About Signs today. A member of our team will happily show you what we have to offer and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.