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Internal Communication Boards

No matter the size of your office, it’s vital for staff members to communicate with each other. Having strong internal communications helps your business cultivate engaged employees who share the company’s vision. To that end, communication boards placed prominently within your office or business give your employees the ability to know what’s happening within various departments and what everyone is working towards. Internal communication boards can take various forms, from production schedules to mission statements to motivational messages, but they all work towards the same purpose: an engaged and efficient workplace.

Goodrich Internal Board

Why they’re important

Disengaged workers from various industries and in various roles often have one thing in common – they feel as though there is a lack of communication between managers and employees. Far too often, top level staff will work on projects without any lower-level employees providing input, and in some cases managers may not even communicate to their employees that certain work is being done. While not everything needs to be shared with everyone, making important information readily available and easily readable allows employees to feel as though they’re not left in the dark.

Sharing messages and information

Message boards are one of the most straightforward ways to share information around the office. A large sign that allows staff members to read and write messages, placed in an area that workers will routinely occupy, gives everyone in the office a chance to know what’s happening with each other or with the company in general.

Personal messages announcing upcoming birthdays, special occasions, or achievements let employees know that they’re thought of and valued. On the more professional side, internal communication boards can provide reminders of important deadlines, upcoming meetings, or changes in workplace policies.

Tracking progress

Another type of internal communication board is a scoreboard of sorts. These signs can show, for instance, daily, weekly, and monthly production goals for a factory. By providing statistics out in the open for all to see, it’s easy to monitor productivity and keep people on task.

Displaying targets for groups of workers can help foster teamwork, as everyone knows that their contribution is being put towards a common goal. These sort of internal communication boards can also be a motivational tool to encourage greater efficiency.

Help employees gain a holistic view of their workplace

Earlier we touched on the topic of employees and management not communicating as much or as effectively as they could. Some offices also have a problem with excessive segmentation – where groups of employees work independently of other groups. This can leave workers unaware of what is happening around them. Internal communication boards that describe what each department does can help employees understand the roles of other staff members and what work each department is engaged with.

Provide your own brand of motivation

It’s easy for managers to walk into a poster shop or an office supply store and purchase a few motivational posters plastered with stock images of sunsets and skydivers. But motivational signage that includes a company’s unique mission statement and its unique philosophies will help encourage employees to do their best, without the impersonal feel of generic posters.

If you are interested in high quality and durable Internal Communication Boards in the Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington region, contact About Signs for pricing today.

Custom Interior Signs – Internal Communication Boards

Internal Communication & Performance Boards

Every day, businesses in Hamilton, Mississauga, Milton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding areas struggle with how best to motivate and communicate with their employees. Corporate emails and internal newsletters address part of the issue, however, they are still not as effective as a central board, where employees can gather and receive information as a team.

Creating employee motivation, teamwork and effective communication is the goal of every organization. We can create various communication and performance measurement boards to help you share information with your employees. Whether you want to track the daily performance of your team or communicate employee birthdays, our custom communication signs encourage employees to become more involved with all aspects of your organization.

What Kinds of Internal Communications Boards Are Right for Your Company?

The types of Communications Boards that can benefit your company are only limited to your imagination. In sales, a basic leaderboard in which numbers can be changed and names can be moved toward the top, can help motivate your team. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit more creative, consider a thermometer or even a game board, in which members of your team can race toward the finish.

Foster Employee Incentive

One of the most common complaints about an employee’s workplace is lack of communication between management and the employees. Communication and Performance Boards assist with this problem.

Employees can see how the company is performing, and witness first hand how their efforts are improving the company. Management can keep staff up to date on news, new policies, and events, so everyone is on the same page.

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