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The Keys to Colours for Business

When it comes to the colours of signs, posters or even wraps for a vehicle, business owners want to know what would be the best choice for them. What colours would attract the right people and how would they be perceived? We hope to help you with some of these questions.

Let’s start with some common business colours and what they are perceived to mean:

  • Green coloured smart carYellow – Gives people the perception of warmth, clarity, optimism, and happiness. Yellow is the hardest for the eye perceive.
  • Orange – Is for friendly, cheerfulness, and confidence. It’s very eye catching if not overpowered by other colours.
  • Red – Is the colour for excitement, youthfulness, and aggressiveness. This colour gives of the most emotion. It helps stimulate a faster heartbeat.
  • Green – Stands for health, peacefulness, and growth. It can also show wealth and high status. It is the easiest of colours that the eye can perceive.
  • Blue – It shows you’re dependable, trusting, and secure. It is the most popular colour and second most powerful colour to the eye.
  • Purple – It gives the perception that you’re creative, wise, luxurious, and authoritative. It’s often a colour that isn’t used because it seems fake.

Some other colours people might use are black, white, grey, pink, and brown. It is very important to choose the right colour so that when people see it they are not overcome by the colour, nor are they struggling to see and understand what it is.

When it comes to attracting certain people, be it men or women, they each have their own visual stimulating colours and personal preferences. Men have a tendency to enjoy bright colours such as red, yellow, orange and green. While women enjoy the softer colours such and blue, purple, pink, and soft oranges. Now, be that as it may that these colours are the most visually appealing to each gender, this does not mean that they are the preferred colour by them. Studies show that blue is the most popular colour between both male and females. Green, red and black are the next most popular colours for men. Purple, green, and red are the next most popular colours for women. On the other hand, both orange and brown are both the top 2 colours in which both men and women don’t enjoy along with purple for the men and yellow following closely behind.

Another thing we may not think about when it comes to colours is the name for the colour itself. Now let us take brown for instance. When you hear the word brown it seems boring, plain, and is not even fun to say. Now change brown to mocha and it gives a very different vibe to the colour. When you hear mocha you think rich, dark, and delicious even though they are virtually the exact same colour. When you change the name of the colour it can become more stimulating and intriguing to people so they want to know more. This is something everyone should watch and look for when presenting colours to potential clients.

Colours may seem just like a regular thing to us, but when you indulge yourself and try to understand them it can be a useful tool to use when trying to sell signs, posters, awnings, or anything else where colour is a key factor. It can quite often be the difference in a sale or not.