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Learn the Benefits of a Digital Printing Service

Learn the Benefits of a Digital Printing Service

Learn the Benefits of a Digital Printing Service

As you look to grow your business and expand your brand in the local market, signage will play a key part. Visual signs and printing can promote your brand, your message, and related imagery. From storefront banners to large commercial billboards, a digital printing service can create value for your business.

What is digital printing and how does it differ from traditional sign printing or even hand-painted signs? Learn about how technology and creativity come together at About Signs Limited.

What is Digital Printing?

To get the most from our digital printing service, you must first ask the question: what is digital printing?

Digital printing is an advanced form of sign fabrication where digital files are used to print directly to your chosen media. Digital printing can be applied to signs ranging from billboards and large banners to full-wall interior advertising for showrooms, retail locations, and other businesses.

Because digital printing uses elements of computer-aided design and manufacturing, the quality and consistency are unrivaled.

A digital printing service like the one offered by About Signs Limited can be large and wide format, so the practical applications are virtually limitless. Whether you want to bring more colour and branding to an auto showroom or market your business from a billboard on a busy road, our digital printing service makes it possible.

What is digital printing? It’s a computerized sign printing process that can give you the banners, billboards, wall coverings, and posters that will help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Why Should You Choose Wide Format Digital Printing Services?

Digital printing offers both versatility and reliability. Whether you need just a few posters and banners or a large order of signs for several sites and advertising projects, wide format digital printing services will always give you consistent results.

Advertisements will look the same whether they’re applied to billboards, store windows, interior walls, or even custom sign backings. This kind of consistency will reflect positively on your brand.

Wide format digital printing services also mean that you can apply signs more easily in places that would be difficult using traditional vinyl signs. There’s no need to patch together individual pieces because wide format digital printing services use media that can cover large spaces. This makes wall and window displays look better, and installation costs are reduced because there’s less work involved.

Window vinyl, posters, and banners are precision cut to allow for the perfect fit. And, when choosing About Signs Limited, you will have the benefit of the best design and installation experts providing wide format digital printing services.

Other benefits come from choosing the best wide format digital printing services, all of which add value and make it easy to choose the best solution for your business.

  • Products are UV stable so colours will remain vivid for longer, even when exposed to the elements.
  • There’s no risk of printed media peeling or deforming once professionally applied.
  • The most experienced technicians ensure that there are no bubbles or other inconsistencies.
  • You can use complex graphics, colour combinations, and designs. An all-digital process ensures that what you see in the digital file is exactly what ends up on the media.

There are very few better ways to advertise, improve branding, and customize your commercial spaces.

The Most Popular Types of Visual Signs and Printing

Many of our customers are surprised by the versatility when researching “what is digital printing”.

We’ve mentioned just a few of the ways that digital printing can be used to grow your brand and connect with your target audience.

The most popular types of visual signs and printing include:.

  • Billboards.
  • Custom construction hoarding.
  • Large format banners.
  • Full or partial window decals.
  • Custom decals and stickers.
  • Wall graphics.
  • Custom floor decals (ideal for navigation in supermarkets, malls, etc.)
  • Custom wraps and decals for car windows and doors.
  • Truck and van signs and wraps.

Visual signs and printing will give you the branding and advertising products that you need. If you want to make the most effective use of your marketing budget visual signs and printing should factor into your strategy.

The Best Digital Printing Service in Southwestern Ontario

About Signs Limited serves Southwestern Ontario including Toronto and the GTA, Hamilton, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, and Burlington. If you want the best digital printing service with the highest quality results and competitive pricing, it’s time to talk to us. Start with your free quote and consultation with the most talented and creative signage professionals in Ontario.