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Leave a Vehicle Wrap Job to the Professionals

If you’ve been considering a wrap for your vehicle – to promote your business or even just for a fresh, new colour – you may have considered doing the wrapping yourself. If you can get the vinyl printed, you should be able to just stick it on yourself, right? Well, in theory it is possible to get the job done on your own, but it likely won’t be an easy or speedy process.

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Properly placing a customized adhesive vinyl piece, or pieces, onto a car or truck isn’t the same as putting a sticky screen protector on your phone (which can be a tricky job in itself). Vehicle wraps are big, cars are big, and putting the two together properly requires skill, precision, specialized tools, and experience. Here’s why a professional vehicle wrapper is the best choice for applying an adhesive vinyl wrap to your car or truck.

Professionals have the Right Tools for Vehicle Wraps

The average toolbox likely has some screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and so on. That’s great for the repair projects around your home, but it won’t make the vehicle wrapping process any easier. Professional vehicle wrap installers have a unique set of blades, rollers, tapes, squeegees, and other tools made specifically for placing adhesive vinyl correctly.

If you were to tackle a project of this magnitude yourself and ran into problems with the vinyl not fitting perfectly or creasing during the application process, you might not have the tools needed to make changes on the fly. Professionals are equipped with the right tools to deal with problems with the vinyl segments should they arise.

Expertise for the Unexpected

Experience is invaluable when it comes to placing a vehicle wrap. Professionals who have worked on numerous jobs know about what can go wrong during the application process, and more importantly, know how to deal with those issues without sacrificing the expensive vinyl pieces.

The people who wrap vehicles for a living have encountered a variety of products and vehicles, and as such, they have the foresight to prepare for each project’s potential challenges. If you were to wrap a vehicle for the first time, you might not imagine the possible issues that would arise during the application job.

An Understanding of how Car Wraps Work

After building up years of experience, vehicle wrap professionals can develop an intimate knowledge of how wraps work. They will be able to tell whether the vinyl is being laid correctly soon after the application has begun, not just after it ends up lopsided on the vehicle. They know the correct direction for seam placement, where seams should line up, and how to position vinyl segments to create the cleanest look on your car or truck.

A vehicle wrap project may look simple and straightforward to the untrained eye, but the professionals who wrap vehicles with sticky vinyl everyday know there’s much more to the job. For a vehicle wrap job that’s done efficiently, correctly, and with a beautiful end result, it’s always a good decision to leave it to the pros.