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LED illuminated 3D Letters are the new standard in the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga area

LED illuminated 3D Letters are the new standard in the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga area

Take a stroll through Burlington’s downtown area or visit a few restaurants and hotels or professional offices around Oakville and Mississauga and you’ll notice that many of them have abandoned using large rectangular signs in favour of going with LED illuminated 3D letters.

What is LED illuminated 3D lettering?

Like the name suggests, this type of signage consists of individual letters that are built up – so that they stick out from the surface to which they are attached rather than lying flat. LED lights are placed on the inside casing of the lettering, and when illuminated, they produce a glow or halo around the lettering. The overall effect is one of eye-catching sophistication.

Why have these haloed letters become the new standard for businesses in Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga? There are a number of reasons.

3D signs look great!

Illuminated 3D lettering adds a touch of class to storefronts and office buildings. Would be patrons expect you to have some type of signage in and on your building, and 3D lettering is a winning combination of eye-catching style and functionality.

3D Sign Lettering is Versatile

This type of signage can be used just about anywhere and for any type of business. It can be made to project a sophisticated business style as you might expect to see for an accounting firm or law office; it can be made to look more upscale as you might wish to have for a fine dining restaurant or high-end hair salon; or it can be playful and whimsical as you might wish to have for a daycare centre.

This type of signage is easy to install, suitable for both indoors and outdoors and can be affixed to a wide variety of surfaces. Letters can be produced in just about any shape or style and are available in several material choices including acrylic, brushed aluminium, chrome and others.

Not only are the 3D letters versatile, but so are the LED lights which are used to illuminate them. LED lighting can be soft or bright and also comes in a wide variety of colours – not just white, but also red, blue, green and more. You can even get colour changing LEDs if you prefer.

LED lighting is energy efficient

If you are planning to get illuminated signage for your business, then LED is the way to go for energy efficiency. LEDs tend to cost more upfront than other technologies, but the energy savings is huge. This is especially important if you are planning to keep your sign lit 24 hours a day.

IS LED illuminated 3D lettering right for your business?

If you have a business in or around Burlington, Oakville or Mississauga and you are wondering whether this type of signage would be right for your business, we invite you to call the experts at About Signs. We can discuss your needs with you and give you a few ideas and examples of how these letters might look at your place of business. Furthermore, our gallery of 3D lettered signs offers many examples of the quality craftsmanship and experience About Signs delivers.