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Lighted LED Signs for Your Retail Interior

Lighted LED Signs for Your Retail Interior

Lighted LED Signs for Your Retail Interior

Store signage can make a huge difference when it comes to customer engagement and getting people through your door. More than just branding tools, LED retail signs and programmable LED signs indoors can help to efficiently inform customers.

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to promote your brands, products, and your special sales events, you can consider custom LED boxes from About Signs Limited.

We are the leading signage company in Southwestern Ontario and are ready to work with you on any of your upcoming projects for lighted LED signs and channel letter LED lights.

Bringing More Visual Information to Your Interiors with Lighted LED Signs

Signs like electronic message centre signs are often placed outdoors, but they are also effective when used as window signs.

Lighted LED signs can be customized with your unique message, allowing you to present highly specific information to your potential customers. Stores can display their opening hours, upcoming sales events, or even product names, brands, and prices on lighted LED signs.

When used as window signage, lighted LED signs capture attention and get more eyes on your business. If a potential customer can quickly determine what you have to offer, including types or even specific models of products available from lighted LED signs, they will be more likely to engage with your business.

The potential applications of LED retail signs are extensive. Types of businesses that use LED retail signs include :

  • General retailers like grocery stores and department stores.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Specialist retailers like hardware stores, pool stores, electronics stores, etc.
  • Large showrooms including auto showrooms.
  • Any business that wants to make a stronger impact on its market.

If you’re finding that it’s difficult to capture the attention of foot traffic in a busy commercial area, LED retail signs hanging in your windows or above your doors could make all the difference.

Give Direction with Programmable LED Signs Indoors

Retailers with large showrooms and stores will gain extensive benefits from programmable LED signs indoors.

Businesses with larger premises often turn to programmable LED signs indoors to provide direction to customers. Large showrooms, department stores, shopping malls, and even supermarkets can be a challenge to navigate, especially for first-time customers who aren’t familiar with the layouts.

Programmable LED signs indoors can be placed at strategic points, such as at entryways, or above escalators and stairs, to direct customers to different departments or different stores within larger shopping centers. Programmable LED signs indoors are also used above reception desks, information centre desks, and behind main counters.

There’s no real limitation to the information that can be programmed into LED retail signs, so your business will have complete flexibility to inform, promote, or provide navigation assistance to customers. Signs can be programmed remotely through a web interface for your convenience.

LED Boxes Can be Customized for the Perfect Aesthetic

When LED boxes are used outdoors, they are typically within large enclosures on pedestals, monument signs, or very tall post and panel signs. Indoors, they can be hanging, mounted to walls, or placed on custom pedestals.

The materials used for LED boxes indoors are completely up to you. Aluminium frames can be colour customized to suit your retail décor or business branding. Other materials like wood and acrylic are also available.

With About Signs Limited you will have the freedom to make LED boxes fit flawlessly into your interior.

Channel Letter LED Lights

Although most business owners would associate channel letters with exteriors, channel letter LED lights can also be used indoors. Channel letters are especially effective for storefront signs in shopping centres and malls, within the insides of stores to indicate department names, and custom channel letter LED lights can even be made for specific brands to add some visual impact to your interior.

Because we make all our Channel letter LED lights and signs unique to the project, you can get exactly what you need to make your retail spaces look more attractive and engaging.

You can talk to us for a free quote for channel letter LED lights today.

Get the Best Support and Extensive Options for LED Retail Signs

About Signs Limited is the most trusted supplier of LED retail signs in Southwestern Ontario. If you want your business to have more impact and more opportunities to engage with your market, it’s time to talk to us. With custom LED boxes and lighted LED signs indoors, you can bring a strong visual element to any showroom or retail space.