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Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs

Whether you want to advertise your new business, or find another way to get the word out about your existing business, displaying a sign can be a great way to market yourself and help grow your customer base. Marketing and promoting your business can be difficult, however, if your business is mobile, or you work out of your car a lot. If you have a leased vehicle for your business, or if your business vehicle doubles as your personal one, you might not want the advertising on your car or truck to always be there – so using a magnetic sign is a good solution.

What is a Magnetic Sign?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s your business’ logo and contact information, and anything else relevant to promoting your company, on a magnet – a big one. Magnetic signs can be stuck to your car or truck, but unlike vehicle wraps, you can take them on and off yourself as often as you like. You can also put them anywhere else magnets will stick. It’s mobile marketing for your small business.

Why Should I Use Magnetic Signs to Market My Business?

Most small businesses start at home, or over coffee, or just chatting with friends. The focus of your business is to grow and to build a customer base. You may or may not have a dedicated office or storefront if you’re just starting out. This means you don’t have the real estate to have constant signage to bring customers in. Magnetic signs give you the option to promote your business when and where you want to so you’re hitting the right markets.

Benefits of Magnetic Signs

Most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, driving every day. If people see an advertisement where they spend much of their day, they will probably remember it. It’s also a great way to put any testimonials you’ve received from previous customers. It’s best to use short, concise feedback to give your business the best image possible as when people are driving they may only be able to capture short phrases or ideas.

Are Magnetic Signs Expensive?

Having magnetic signs made up for your car – or even your fleet – is a cost-effective way to market your business. It will likely be less money to have this kind of advertisement than to have a permanent billboard or storefront signage. And since these signs travel with your vehicle, they have the potential to reach a much larger audience.

Whether you own a salon or HVAC company; whether you are a real estate agent or computer technician; being mobile with your business gives you the opportunity for the public to hear about your company and for you to grow your business. Advertising is a great way to reach potential customers for your business, but before you do, you may want to ensure that you have what you need to make a successful business. For instance, if you are on the way to opening your own HVAC company, you may want to look into a consulting firm for contractors. However, many new business owners often wonder if they need a business consultant. A quick Google search can reveal How HVAC Business Consulting Can Benefit Your Company, getting your business to where it needs to be in time to move to the advertising part of your business.

Magnetic signs, therefore, offer a great opportunity for on the go business people to promote themselves while they drive or while they park. If you are interested in magnetic signage for your business or would like to schedule a consultation, contact About Signs today.