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775 Pacific Rd. Unit #35  Oakville, ON  L6L 6M4
Memories Of Vintage Oakville Signs

Memories of Vintage Oakville Signs

We had a lot of positive feedback in regard to our favourite vintage signs from Burlington, and today we present our favourite signs from Oakville.  These pictures were taken from the Vintage Oakville Facebook group.  In 1841, Oakville had a meager population of 551.  In the 60’s when most of these pictures were taken, the population was close to 10,000.  Today, Oakville has a population of  190,000, and it no long is the quiet small town of days past.

 Oakville Fire Engine Vehicle Graphics

Oakville Fire Truck

Vehicle graphics have come a long way since this picture was taken.  The date of this picture is unknown, but it feels like the late 50’s or early 60s.

Murray House Hotel

Murray Hotel Oakville

We like the classic awning on this building with the dome awning and classic rigid valance.

Box Car Vehicle Graphics

Box Car Lettering

We adore the E. Maloney Plumbing and Heating graphics on this box car.  It just goes to show you that when vehicle lettering is done right, it really allows your car to stand out.


Fire Stone Garage Sign

This hanging blade sign for Firestone’s Garage really takes you back to a different era.  I showed my father this picture and he replied that he used to take his car there, and in fact bought his first seat belt from this garage.  He was dating at my Mom at the time, and she made him go back and buy her a seat belt as well for the passenger seat (she was a little bit angry he didn’t care about her safety too).  It’s amazing to think that it wasn’t really that long ago that cars came without seatbelts.

Oakville House Sign

Oakville House

This old watering hole on the Lakeshore was an Oakville favourite decades ago. While it’s no longer there, the memories of good times remain in the hearts of many.


Lofquists Electrics Oakville

Here are a few more hanging blade signs we simply love.  Lofquists was a store that sold Televisions, Radios and Record Turntables. If you lived in Oakville in the 60’s you probably bought your Beatles records here as well.

Double Decker Bus

Oakville Double Decker Bus

This Oakvile city bus has such interesting signage that was put up by the Evening News.  This is such a remarkable vehicle, that captures the spirit of Oakville.