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Metal Signs and Vinyl Signs – Unique Interior Office Signs and Their Benefits

Metal Signs and Vinyl Signs – Unique Interior Office Signs and Their Benefits

Choosing the right type of indoor commercial signage for your business can be a challenge. The various options for material selection may leave you uncertain. At About Signs Limited, we provide extensive consultations to help you find the perfect solutions. Before you get started, you can take a look at three popular options that can inspire your creativity.

Interior commercial signs translate ideas, give direction, and reinforce branding. Work with our expert team and enjoy cost-efficient signage that helps you to achieve your business goals.

How is Indoor Office Signage Used?

Commercial and office signage is typically used in one of three ways:

  • For mainstay branding – such as company name and logo signs that are permanently displayed in the office.
  • For promotions and events – such as promotional banners and posters that reinforce current projects that the company is focused on.
  • For direction – such as wayfinding signs like floor signs indicating departments or points of interest.

Office signage is versatile. You can use posters, murals, and even window signs to add colour and improve the ambiance within your commercial location. Sometimes, signage is added both for practical purposes and to improve the décor. Commercial signage is a cost-effective way to quickly transform the look and feel of a leased office where the options for customization are limited.

Office signage is also used by countless businesses in receptions, lobbies, and waiting areas. When customers, partners, and other visitors are on-site, these signs can reinforce the business name and brand.

Metal Signs in Offices

Metal signs are popular with businesses as commercial signs. Office signage using metal adds a touch of elegance while also coming with the advantage of durability.

Materials can include popular choices like aluminum and stainless steel. Metal signs can be laser cut to ensure exact dimensions and geometry. Special finishing options can make metal signs look like gold, brass, chrome, or other metals, but without the cost. Signs can be brushed for a matte finish, or polished to provide an eye-catching shine.

The lobby or reception is one of the best places to use metal signs indoors. This is where your business can make a positive first impression on special visitors, partners, and clients. 2D metal signs or even 3D channel letters can be wall-mounted behind a reception desk or on a waiting room wall.

About Signs Limited designs and installs the best metal commercial signs in Southwestern Ontario.

Vinyl Signs are Affordable Commercial Signs

Digital printing allows our team to create visually impressive designs on vinyl for posters, banners, and lettering.

Vinyl signs can be used as commercial signs and work well indoors. They can be hung from walls and ceilings or displayed in windows. Large format vinyl signs can also be used as freestanding banners which can be placed in reception, on the office floor, or anywhere within your building.

Durable and cost-effective, vinyl signs allow you to achieve your decorative or promotional goals with a relatively low-cost investment. Our vinyl signs are UV stable and will retain their colour and intensity when used indoors, even if they are placed near windows and doors with natural light shining through.

We also offer perforated vinyl signs for windows that allow light and a view to outside, while remaining perfectly clear from the streetside

Vinyl signs can also be made into custom murals and applied to walls and windows. The versatility of vinyl as a sign material is unmatched. Vinyl lettering is a closely related option that you can consider.

Talk to us today to begin consultation on your idea for vinyl commercial signs. We provide a graphic design service to ensure the best results.

Vinyl Lettering

If you want affordable commercial signage and don’t need graphics, vinyl lettering would be a perfect choice. We use the same high-quality vinyl as our signs, ensuring durability and a bold aesthetic.

Vinyl lettering can be used in offices and applied to walls. It can also be applied to solid surfaces like flooring to provide direction within your commercial premises. If your commercial location combines an office with a service or retail area, you can use vinyl lettering on your street-facing windows or doors. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to add extra storefront branding.

We’ll create the best vinyl lettering to suit your needs. Precision cut vinyl ensures the best look with perfect edges and durability no matter the installation surface.

Vinyl Signs for Your Business Vehicles

Office signage is one way to improve branding and engagement. What if you could take your message to the road, as well? With our vinyl signs for vehicles, you can do just that. We create the highest quality custom vinyl lettering, decals, and wraps for cars, trucks, and vans.

With full and partial vehicle wraps you can turn an ordinary company car into a powerful marketing asset that gets seen by a much larger audience, any time that you are on the road. Whether you use vehicles for deliveries, promotional purposes, or for transporting staff for client visits, having vinyl lettering or commercial signs on the fleet will provide more brand exposure and an excellent return on investment.

We also produce magnetic signs so you can quickly and efficiently add branding to any vehicle, and remove it when it isn’t needed.

Talk to our signage experts today and we’ll develop your project to include vinyl signs for vehicles along with your interior or exterior commercial signs.

Start With Your Consultation for the Best Commercial Signs

Add colour, branding, and promotion to your office or any commercial environment. We create the longest-lasting vinyl letters and vinyl signs We are experts in metal signs for any use. With Ontario’s best designers, fabricators, and installers, our commercial signs stand out from the competition. Make a long-lasting investment in your branding and talk to us today for your office signage quote.