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Outdoor Sign Winter Maintenance

Outdoor Sign Winter Maintenance

Outdoor signs are a big investment for your business. They present an image of your business to your customers. Just like any investment a smart business owner will take steps to protect the investment.

Winter can be a very damaging season for your signs. Wind, extreme cold, ice and snow are all hazards that can cause problems for outdoor signs. That’s why it’s important to make sure your sign is in good shape, so the winter elements don’t damage it further.

You can never plan for when something might break; this is why preventative maintenance is the best way to reduce the chance of problems with your outdoor signs. The best and simplest thing you can do is to visually inspect your signs frequently.  Start by walking the grounds and looking up at your signs. You should take note of any cracks and possible signs of water, mud, leaves, and other indications of nature affecting your signs. Take a night during the week to check the lights on the sign to ensure that they operate correctly.

Cleaning is also a very important part of maintenance on your outdoor signs and will help extend the life of your signs. Your sign is a representation of your business, so take the time to clean off any dirt and grime.  For signs that are powered by electricity, we suggest you call your sign provider first, to ensure there is no risk of accidental electrocution.

Check the structure of the sign and the integrity of the frame and supports.  Chains and wires that are rusty or damaged are often easy to replace and fixing them may provide further damage to your sign.

Maintaining your outdoor signs is important to your company image. Having signs that are clean and bright and regularly maintained shows your customers that you care about your business and its image. This makes your business more appealing to customers and can potentially increase sales.