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Do you need signage that you can set outside during business hours and then bring back inside after you close? Chances are what you need is an A-frame sign.

A-Frame signs are a great way to advertise your company or special offer.  A well designed curbside sign using A-frames you will get noticed.  A-Frames are constructed from various materials such as wood, metal, chalkboard and frames with inserts.

Sidewalk Signs

A-Frame signs are also known as sidewalk signs and sandwich board signs, as they prop up nicely on sidewalks. If you’re ever strolling through Toronto or Burlington, you’ll see many A-Frame signs made out of chalkboard or drawing board advertising specials, such as the Bark and Fitz sign below, or Majesteas. A-Frame signs can easily be secured to lamp posts, or trees and left out all night, or you can bring them in during your closing hours or stormy or windy weather. A-Frame signs fold up nicely and are light weight and durable to the elements.

These signs are ideal for downtown areas where businesses often don’t have the space to use regular ground signs as well as in areas where building signage might not get the kind of visibility that you would like. But a simple A-frame sign can attract customers and make a business appear more welcoming.

Another advantage of this type of signage is that it is often easily changeable. Oftentimes, all or part of the sign is chalkboard or white board so that you can write your own messages on it. If someone in your business has particularly nice handwriting or has an artistic flair these signs can be especially useful in capturing the attention of passers-by.

If you would like to discuss the design or cost for an A-frame sign for your business or organization, Call or Email About Signs today!