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Special Event Signage

Special Event Signage

If you really want to make your event stand out from all the other events out there, then professional customized signage is a must. It is easier and less expensive than you think to have your signage designed and produced by the experts. Whether you are hosting a promotional event for your business, a sporting event or even throwing a special anniversary party or family reunion, quality signage can make your special event feel all the more special.

Make your event the “Event of the Year” by ensuring proper and professional signage is placed, allowing everyone to see the professionalism in your event. Special event signage include banners and/or upright signs displaying sponsors, directional signage for participants, general information, etc.

Directional Signs

Our banner signs are perfect for farmers markets, or festivals such as Burlington’s Sound of Music festival or Hamilton’s Festival of Friends. Spice up your trade show exhibit, or drive more people to your display at the Toronto Autoshow with directional signage. Directional signs at special events will help to ensure that people find you.

Special Event signage is also a wonderful way to thank your sponsors at events such as golf tournaments, parades, charity drives, marathon races, community events such as Ancaster’s Heritage Days, the Oakville Waterfront Festival, or Dundas’s Buskerfest.

Sport Signage

About Signs has crafted many outdoor signs for special sporting events, particularly for golf, baseball, t-ball and tennis tournaments in and around Oakville, Burlington, Toronto and Hamilton. You’ll often see one of our banners being showcased at marathons, charity walkathons and for community parades.

If you’ve got a special event coming up, do not underestimate the importance of having great signage. Contact the professionals at About Signs today to discuss your event and the type of signage you might need. We will be happy to offer suggestions and provide a quote.