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Pylon Signs Attract Customers to Your Business

Pylon Signs Attract Customers to Your Business

Business owners are always trying to attract customers to their business. There are many methods that they use including websites, flyers, newspaper advertising, and tradeshows. As well as this, online marketing methods can also make a big difference, especially in a world that is surrounded by technology. When it comes to online methods, it is important that you communicate with your customers on a daily basis, and one way to do this is through email marketing. This will allow you to personalize emails tailored to the likes and interests of your clients, increasing the chances of them continuing their service with you. With that being said though, nothing beats old-fashioned, yet effective methods of attracting customers to your business than what signs do.

One of the types of signs that many businesses use to attract passersby and make a positive impression to potential customers is Pylon signs.

Pylon signs are freestanding structures that soar high above your business site. They generate a first impression visitors see when approaching your business site. These impressive signs are generally located perpendicular to the road in close proximity to a business’s location to capture the attention of potential customers. Whether your business is a grocery store, theatre, car dealership, drug store, building supply outlet, mall or even a church, pylon signs can attract customers to your location.

Regardless of colour, shape or size, there is no greater truth than the old saying, location, location, location. People in the advertising industry who understand the value of signage all agree that a freestanding pylon sign can’t be rivaled for its effectiveness.

Savvy business owners understand the importance of raising the visibility of their brand and maximizing the potential of passing trade with a strategically designed pylon sign. Not only can the larger-than-life presence of the sign attract attention, but they are highly visible across busy highways, motorways and streets, making a bold statement for your brand.

Attract More Business Traffic

The simple truth is that if a sign can’t be seen from the road, passing motorists have no idea that your business exists. From a marketing point of view, this is a fundamental selling point of pylon signs. The freestanding signage can be placed near roadways or intersections easily because they don’t require any brick and mortar anchors.

In addition to their effectiveness as a fundamental selling feature for your business, they are economical because of their one-time expenditure with very little costs thereafter. Unlike billboards that have recurring monthly costs that can add financial hardship for some businesses, pylon signs usually have a one-time installation fee. If the signage has electrical components featuring lights or moving parts, there may be small maintenance fees, but they are marginal in comparison to other types of signage, like billboards.

Pylon signs are durable and long lasting. They are often fabricated using aluminum and steel. They can be either illuminated using fluorescent lamps or plain, unlit signage. They can be single-sided or have double-sided messaging to get your business noticed 24 hours a day. Pylon signs come in a variety of sizes and appearances to enhance your business’s presence.

They can be customized with any colours or logos to complement your architecture or corporate identity. You can choose from popular choices like full colour, high-resolution graphics or cut vinyl lettering. There are also the options of neon borders, LED digital displays or changeable message boards to communicate your varying message.

Whether the sign is near or far from your actual business, you can create an impact with a pylon sign to attract an audience and make potential customers take notice. Most marketing companies understand that signage is the least expensive and most effective form of advertising. Pylon signs are a great way to advertise for both local and national retail business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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