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Reception Signs Create a Good First Impression

spa reception wallWhen you enter any office, building or store, your reception area is the spot where clients and customers form their first impression about you. It either tempts visitors to walk right in or promptly walk out. Regardless of the industry you’re in, a good quality reception sign guides visitors and clients to the reception area and creates a lasting first impression with a professional touch. Since reception is first contact point that clients have with your company, it is imperative that the reception area and the reception sign represents your business accurately in a physical sense.

Most experts consider a reception sign to be the most important part of a company layout for impressing new clients and employees. A properly designed reception sign sets the tone of your business and your company brand. It is meant to convey confidence and expertise to your incoming clients. The culture of your business and a professional image can be communicated effectively with an impressive reception sign.

While the whole office design needs to be carefully thought out to effectively impact the people working within the area, the reception sign can be designed using a bit more creativity to enhance the impressive entrance space. If you aren’t sure about how a sign might fit into your office at the moment, it might be a good idea to go check out the blog at to get some office design ideas that could work with a sign in the coming future. Regardless of the visual solution you choose for the reception area, your reception sign makes a profound statement and it can be bold.

The reception office design represents the business’s image and it can effectively make or break business deals. Clients who choose to entrust you with their business will be influenced by the overall look. It can make the difference regarding your competition for contracts and the value of the contracts that you win. Your reception signage sets the tone and can often play a large role in customer recognition and retention.

Reception signs incorporate elements of your brand, such as logos, colours and graphics, and there are three main kinds of signs used in business establishments; directional, instructional and promotional.

  • Directional office signs are used to guide people towards their destination. They may be looking for an area that includes waiting rooms, meeting rooms or washrooms. In present-day office layouts, these signs help your customers and visitors navigate quickly and easily.
  • Instructional signs usually advise people about certain actions that should be followed within the designated area or building, such as ‘no smoking’, ‘authorised personnel only’ and ‘turn off mobile phones’.
  • Promotional signs are the perfect way to advertise using your logo or promoting a message about your company. This type of sign sits prominently in your reception area.

In addition to incorporating the elements of your brand, reception signs are used with material applications such as 3-Dimensional, acrylic, aluminum or vinyl.

3-Dimensional Signs

Many companies use 3-Dimensional letters because they are dynamic and make an impressive reception sign for increased visibility. Dimensional signs come in many shapes, styles, sizes and colors and they can fit your logo or brand. They can be made out of a variety of materials such as wood, metal, acrylic or high-density foam. They can be either illuminated or non-illuminated and they add sophistication to any interior reception area. For visual effect, the lettering can be mounted to the wall or they can have a floating effect by attaching with pins and spacers to the back of the letters.

Acrylic and Glass Signs

Acrylic and Glass signs are used when you want to present a contemporary, elegant and upscale image of your business. Acrylic and glass are both versatile and they can stand alone or they can be combined with cut acrylic pieces. They can be fabricated in numerous shapes, colors and finishes and the material can remain either clear or have a colour graphic application.


Whether it is positive or negative, your business reception area is an internal marketing venue and the catalyst of your potential customer’s first impression. Therefore, it is important to create your reception area and reception sign to convey that special “wow” factor because your business depends on it for acquiring and retaining customers.