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Sandwich Board Signs Wood vs. Aluminum

Sandwich Board Signs Wood vs. Aluminum

Traditional A Board signs keep your business visible, whether you need some extra branding on the sidewalk, or if you want to add signage to interior spaces. A Board signs are versatile and relatively inexpensive to design and manufacture. With the team at About Signs Limited, you can get the best solutions for any of your branding and advertising needs. 

If you’re considering A Board signs, you’ll need to think about the materials used. Aluminum and wood are two of the most popular options, each with a different look and feel. Compare sandwich board signs wood vs. aluminum and make the choice that best suits your business. 

Sandwich Board Signs Wood vs. Aluminum – The Aesthetic 

The aesthetic always matters when choosing signage for your business. When it comes to A Board signage, wood and aluminum are two of the most popular materials used for the frame. 

Aesthetically, the two are similar, although there are some differences… 

  • When comparing sandwich board signs wood vs. aluminum, wood is the more traditional option. This is often used for specific signs, such as chalkboard signs where a classic look and feel are desired.
  • If you want something sleeker and more modern, you’ll probably want to lean towards aluminum when comparing sandwich board signs wood vs. aluminum. Metal is simply more versatile, and it can be coated in a variety of colours to suit your brand and the overall aesthetic that you’re going for. 

When it comes to the aesthetic, there’s no clear winner when comparing sandwich board signs wood vs. aluminum. Both materials look excellent with the right design, so the choice will come down to your preference. 

Sandwich Board Signs Wood vs. Aluminum – Durability 

You want any investment in your business to provide a strong return. Signage is no exception. There are stark differences when comparing wood and aluminum A Board signs. 

  • Aluminum is by far the more durable option. It resists moisture and won’t rust and can take some abuse before showing signs of wear and tear. An aluminum A Board sign will last longer, so you’ll enjoy a stronger return on your investment. If the sign will be placed outdoors, it’s best to choose aluminum for better resistance to the elements.
  • Wood is durable but in the context of folding signage, it just doesn’t compare to aluminum. Wood should be used when your sign will be kept undercover or indoors. Damage can show quickly as wood can easily dent and discolour, even when it is treated. Because you lose out on durability, we again point to the aesthetic decision. If you simply can’t do without the look of wood, you’ll have to take the hit on overall durability. 

No matter what material you choose, About Signs Limited will ensure that your sign is as durable as possible. Even though wood will show more damage than aluminum, it’s not a bad choice if you’re going to use your sign indoors. 

Affordable A Board Signs 

It’s the durability and aesthetic where you’ll find the biggest differences between wood and aluminum A Board signs. Cost is comparable between the two, and you can include full graphic and lettering design when you work with About Signs Limited. 

Even with everything included, A Board signs are some of the most affordable signs that you could buy. Perfect for the streetside, indoors, at trade shows and conferences, or anywhere that you need signage, you can get attractive branding at a reasonable price. 

You can talk to us today for a free estimate on your A Board sign concept. 

Which Businesses Suit A Board Signs? 

Sandwich board signs, both wood and aluminum, are used in a range of industries. There are no rules on how and when you should use this type of signage, but you can consider some examples to see how folding signs might suit you. 

You’ll typically find A Board signs used for… 

  • Real estate signage, outside of open homes. A Board signs are quick and easy to set up and can efficiently communicate your brand and message.
  • Retail signage, particularly on the streetside. Stores that want to gain the attention of pedestrians can use A Board signs effectively. Grocery stores, clothing stores, and all types of retail stores make extensive use of these signs.
  • Restaurant & Bar signage, especially in busy commercial districts. If you want to advertise specials or simply your brand with a logo and name, you can do it easily with A Board signs. 

No matter your type of business or the industry you operate in, you can get custom signage made by About Signs Limited. Easy to store and deploy, A Board signs are an investment worth making. 

You’ve explored the differences between sandwich board signs wood vs. aluminum, now it’s time to start working on your project. You can contact our team today. With the best signage in Southwestern Ontario, we are ready to turn any of your concepts into beautiful and effective A board signs.