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Sign Spinners – Effective Advertising

The human billboard is not a new concept.  In fact, human billboards first got their start in the 19th Century in London, when advertising space was limited.  People would march up and down streets advertising anything and everything, such as restaurants, shoe shinning, newspapers, and business seeking employment.  You still see human billboards around town (Little Caesar’s is a popular example) and you always see them at fairs and festivals.  The great thing about a human billboard is that they add a human touch to your personal business.  Just take a look at this young fellow, who spins signs to draw attention to the business he is representing.

You often see sign spinners in Burlington and Oakville directing traffic for parking.  Halloween supply stores in Hamilton have often put Grim Reapers out front with signs in mid October.  These are quite effective and memorable, and definitely get them great foot traffic into their store or parking lots.

Human Billboards and sign spinners are a great way to set you apart from your competition.  The added human touch has several advantages:

Advantages of Human Billboards

  • Draws more foot traffic into your storefront
  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • Sign Holders can be trained to answer questions about your business
  • Sign Spinners may attract local media attention, granting you with free media exposure
  • Arrows on signs can direct traffic, or lead traffic down the right road
  • Human Billboards are dynamic, meaning you can place your billboard in areas of the city where their might be more foot traffic based on the day.

We’re not suggesting you run out and find yourself a human billboard or a sign spinner. Like all forms of advertising, the form of advertising should reflect your business. Sign Spinners work especially well with limited time promotions and events. For example, if you are a deli and you have a lunch time special for a particular sandwich, putting a human billboard out in front of a busy corporate office at lunch would direct traffic your way. Or if you have an exhibit at a festival or trade show that is featuring something on sale or unique, a sign spinner on the opposite side of the complex might help direct traffic to your spot. Finally, seasonal stores, such as Halloween stores or Christmas stores often move into a temporary building. They often need word of mouth advertising for people to find them. Sign spinners work perfect for this as they can be placed in high traffic areas where they are highly visible, and the message is clear.

Finally, if you are interested in hiring a sign spinner, or learning some moves yourself, take a look at AArrow sign spinners. They run a bootcamp that trains people how to spin signs with dozens of signature moves.