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Signage for startups

Startup businesses are brimming with potential. Each new small business has the ability to grow into something big and notable, but of course there’s a lot of work to be done. In the midst of creating products or selling items or offering services, a startup needs to brand itself to potential customers, and for that, it needs good signage. Here are some of the signage considerations that startups need to make in order to get their businesses up and running professionally.

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 Selecting the right imagery

To convey your company’s unique persona, you need to select fitting imagery. When it comes to selecting photographs, illustrations, logos, and even colours, it’s important to consider what those visual materials will communicate to potential clients and customers. Think about whether you want your company’s logo front and center for every piece of signage you create, or whether you want to display a few prominent colours, or whether you want your startup’s name to catch the eye of people who happen to walk by your store or office.

 Storefront signage

If you’re in the business of selling products, attractive storefront signage is vital to drawing customers in off the street. Think of the exterior signage as a business card that you’ll hand out to everyone passing your store. If it strikes the right balance of professionalism and uniqueness, people will take notice and take a look at what’s on offer inside. Your storefront signage should be noticeable, but not overpowering. You still want passers-by to be able to peer in through the windows and see what sort of merchandise you have on offer. Signs can also be used to draw attention to particular products you have in stock or sales you might be running.

For a little extra punch for your storefront, you could use an awning. Awnings give your business a greater street presence. Even a small awning just above your front door can provide a little more in the visual field of pedestrians, and direct them into your store.

Nearby signage

If you have a lot of pedestrians passing by your shop, you might consider putting a sign on the sidewalk in front of your shop, perhaps with an arrow pointing to your front door. A good example of this comes from a bakery that placed a sandwich board sign on the sidewalk in front of their store. The sign had a cupcake and two arrows on it. One arrow, pointing to the store, had the word “cupcakes” beneath it. The other arrow, pointed toward the road, had the words “no cupcakes” beneath it. Which of those options would pedestrians find more appealing?

Factory Tile Depot Sign Mississauga

 Utilize different types of signs

Your startup can also benefit from different signs in different places. For example, if your storefront is located on a busy road, you can benefit from a neon sign placed high up on the building façade (if possible). That way, both pedestrians and drivers will be able to notice and locate your business from a distance.

Other forms of illuminated signage are also valuable for catching the eye of prospective customers, and ensuring your business is visible at night.