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Signage That Gets Seen – Lit Push Through Signs

Signage That Gets Seen – Lit Push Through Signs

In today’s competitive industries, getting your brand seen and remembered can be a challenge. There’s always a need to differentiate, which starts with your product and/or service offering.

But even some of the auxiliary aspects of your business are also available for differentiation. Your signage could play a role in setting your company apart from the competition.

Signage is essential for any business. Signs are used everywhere from storefronts to windows to reception and lobby areas. There’s a particular signage style that is both eye-catching and memorable… it’s lit push through signs.

Learn about how this signage works, and why you should consider it for your business.

Metal and Clear Plastic Letters for Signs

It’s amazing what our skilled craftspeople can do with some metal and plastic. A metal sign box can be combined with clear plastic letters for signs, creating lit push through signs.

The style is quite distinct, and many businesses prefer it to flat signs or even other options like halo-lit channel letters. Push through signs utilize a box with clear plastic letters for signs.

The metal, usually aluminum, is precision cut with the shape of the lettering. Matching acrylic plastic letters for signs are then pushed through to give a bold three-dimensional aesthetic. The result is something pronounced, and very versatile. You can use clear plastic letters for signs without lighting, or the box can be lit from within, allowing for an impressive glowing effect that commands attention.

Push Through or Push Thru?

There’s no difference besides spelling when it comes to push through or push thru signs. You may have seen these signs referenced with either spelling. Through is the formal and more familiar spelling, while thru is an informal and more stylized way to refer to this type of signage.

No matter how it’s presented in text, push through clear plastic letters for signs are an excellent option when you want to make an impact with your target market.

Where Can You Use Lit Push Through Signs?

The combination of metal housing and clear plastic letters for signs is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor signage. There’s no real limitation on where you can use lit push through signs.

Some examples of where to use this type of signage include…

  • Buildings storefronts, either against a wall, or hanging as a blade sign.
  • Reception and lobby areas, behind the main desk.
  • On the wall immediately opposite an elevator exit in a commercial office.
  • Inside showrooms to create focus for the business name or specific brands.
  • Automotive showrooms where an elegant presentation is essential.
  • Anywhere that you want to make a memorable impression…

Like many of our best signage styles, lit push through signs are versatile. With our team, you’ll be able to customize your sign to suit your business and the location.

Creating the Best Signage for Your Unique Needs

Whenever you want reliable and functional business signage, you should have full freedom to customize it.

Working with the most talented designers in the industry, you’ll have the opportunity to make lit push through signs that reflect your brand.

  • Material options including the hue of the plastic and the metal are available. Aluminum can be produced in a range of colors and special finishes to simulate the look of chrome, gold, brass, etc.
  • Aluminum can be polished or brushed to suit your aesthetic requirements.
  • The size and shape of the sign are fully customizable. You can choose to have your push through signs made with or without lighting.
  • Letters can be lit without any light bleeding outside of the box. Or, for a single-face sign, the entire box could include halo lighting from behind.

Whatever you have in mind, our designers will work with you to make your vision a reality. Whether you have a detailed brief or a blank slate, we understand your business and your overall brand message to ensure that your signage is consistent.

Combine Your Signage Projects

Lit push through signs can represent one aspect of your signage and branding strategy. Our team is available to integrate your entire project. If you need directional signs, large storefront letters, awnings, or even vehicle signage, we are ready to help.

Branded company vehicles with magnet signs or full vehicle wraps can help to give you more presence in your local market and when you’re out on the road. As a fully integrated signage company with design, fabrication, and installation capabilities, we can manage your project from end to end.

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