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Signs of Burlington’s Past

About Signs would not be as successful without building our business up on the success and innovation of sign makers before us.  That’s why we decided to look back in history at a few Burlington Signs that inspired us and got us into the sign business.  All of these images were taken from the Facebook Group called Vintage Burlington.

1914 Awnings on Brant Street

Brant Street Burlington 1914 Awning technology has come a long way since 1914, however the principle of beauty and shade still remain.  We love the look of these awnings that line Brant Street in this image 100 years ago.  The sign face of the bank is also beautiful and completely done by hand back then.  We wonder if in the year 2114 people will be looking back at pictures the signs we make with fondness.

1946 Brant Street Awnings

Brant Street Burlington 1946 30 years later the awnings on Brant street have evolved, as have the cars.  We really like the old style of the hanging blade signs in the background, particularly the one for Sweet Carporal.

Home Furniture on Brant and James

Home Furniture Burlington This is a sign from Home Furniture from the 1960’s.  It was taken at the corner of Brant and James (across from where the Burlington City Hall is now).  We are also quite fond of the classic awnings in this photo as well as the wall signs for billiards and recreation.

Hamilton Spectator Vehicle Lettering

1900 Hamilton Spectator Vehicle Graphic Vehicle wraps and graphics have certainly come a long way.  Here is a vintage vehicle graphic from 1900 for the Hamilton Spectator.  It’s amazing how much the city of Burlington has grown!

Neilson’s Jersey Chocolate

Neilson Jersey Sign Burlington This photo was taken in 1961 and can be found in the book ‘The Prints of Alershot‘.  This sign stood where Highway 2 and 6 meet, and was prominent in the years before highway 403 was built. We hope that one day people will look back on our vehicle graphics, signs and awnings with fondness in another 50 to 100 years.  If you are interested in viewing more photos from Burlington’s past, we highly recommend you visit Vintage Burlington on Facebook.