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Custom Signage to Market Your Business

About Signs Limited is a leader in business signage, offering a broad range of solutions to your goals within a reasonable budget.

Our customized signage can help to increase your brand profile and raise your bottom line. Learn about our business signs and get the best-looking signage in Southwestern Ontario.


3D Sign Letters Create Impactful Branding For Storefronts and Interiors

3D letters create the impact that your business needs to get noticed. There are several approaches available for 3D letters design. The right one for you depends on your goals and business needs.

Indoor sign letters can be created with 3D letters that mount directly to walls. Lobbies, reception areas, showrooms, and retail businesses can all make use of 3D letters.

For outdoor sign letters, our push thru and channel letter options create an impressive 3D esthetic that is perfect for grabbing attention. These signs can be mounted directly to your business premises or they can be designed as part of larger signboards, low monument signs, and large pylon signs.

Sign letters materials can be selected to suit your desired look and your budget. Aluminum 3D letters appear sleek and upmarket. Plastic resin letters can be used for push thru and backlit signs.

The Best Sign Company for 3D Signage and Sign Printing

With more than 20 years of experience in business signs, About Signs Limited is the perfect company for your branding needs. We create compelling sign printing for promotions and sales. Our competitive rates allow you to reach your audience for a reasonable investment in the highest quality business signs. Smaller sign printing services are available for in-store promotional signs. Reusable decals and posters can also be ordered. Our design team will take you through the process step-by-step. Even if you only have a general signage concept in mind, we’ll create a design that matches your brand identity.

Contact About Signs today for sign printing in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Markham, Scarborough, Caledon, Erin, Ajax, Oshawa, Hamilton, Grimsby, Vaughan, Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Newmarket, Stouffville, Aurora, Orangeville, Kitchener and Niagara Falls. High-quality signage will raise your business profile with an excellent return on investment.


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The Benefits of Attractive Business Signs

Even in the age of digital marketing and social media, physical branding is as important as ever. If you want to make an impact and get your business noticed, physical signage is one of the most important investments you can make.

If you’re considering replacing older signage today, or if you’re just getting established, these are the reasons why business signs still matter.

Most importantly, signage works. It brings in customers and tells your market that you exist. Signage can fit right into your marketing strategy. About Signs Limited is a sign company that creates custom business signs to get you noticed, no matter your niche or physical location.

  • Sign lettering can reflect your company image and inherent value. You can incorporate graphics and lettering to promote your brand and a short message.
  • Signs provide 24-hour branding, whether considering storefront sign letters or pylon signs on the roadside outside of your business. With custom lighting, your signs will be illuminated throughout the night.
  • With professional signage and sign letters, you can announce your presence. Business signs are often the first exposure that customers have to a business. An impactful sign can capture the attention of passing motorists or even pedestrians in a shared commercial space.
  • Business signs can garner trust from your target market. A defect-free sign can reflect your attention to detail and commitment to the local community. A business that presents itself well is more likely to see increased engagement from the general public.
3D Letters and More – Types of Signage and Sign Letters

At our Ontario sign company, we offer an extensive range of fully customizable sign printing solutions for your business. Explore your options at a glance and contact us today for your obligation-free quote.

  • Electronic Message Signs – Electronic message center signs use customizable LED light arrays to share custom messages. You can update specials, a message of the day, and more.
  • Pylon Signs – With pylon signage you can create an impactful brand presence placed at the roadside. Suited to any business including gas stations, restaurants, multi-use commercial properties, shopping centers, etc.
  • Ground Signs – Simple ground signs are both affordable and versatile. Your business can announce its presence with an attractive sign that promotes your branding and company name.
  • Monument Signs – Monument signs are ideal for low-traffic roadways and parking entrances. They can be customized with materials to complement the architecture of your commercial location.
  • Hanging Blade Signs– You can create impact, even on a busy commercial street or shopping arcade with hanging blade signs. These signs hang above your business and put your brand front-and-center for passing pedestrians and motorists.

Our outdoor business signs and storefront signs are customized to your requirements. We make defect-free signs at competitive rates. Contact the best sign company in Southwestern Ontario today to request a quote with absolutely no obligation to proceed with an order. With no risk and everything to gain, it’s time to talk to a leading sign company to upgrade your on-site branding.

  • Outdoor Banners – Our sign printing service covers outdoor banners for any business. Ideal for special events and sales, or simply to promote your brand or service offering.
  • A-Frames – A-frame signs are cost-effective and can be placed in front of your store on a sidewalk, on the roadside, or right next to your door. Large A-frames are available for mobile advertising on a trailer or on top of a commercial vehicle. We are a leading A-frame sign company in Ontario.
  • 3D Sign Letters – Customizable 3D letters, or channel letters, create depth that is both impressive and eye-catching. 3D letters pop out from a larger monument, storefront, pylon, or pedestal sign.
  • Push Thru Signage –With push thru business signs, you can create a subtle but effective 3D impression that pops out from the sign. This helps to draw attention to your company brand. This type of signage can be backlit for an impressive halo effect.
  • Illuminated Sign Boxes –These impressive storefront signs are fully backlit to add visibility and impact to sign letters no matter the weather or time of day. You can ensure that you get maximum engagement with the public, and increased foot traffic with custom sign boxes. Graphics and lettering can be incorporated into sign boxes with our sign company experts.