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Indoor Signs

About Signs Limited has more than 20 years of experience creating the best looking and most durable indoor signs throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario.

We work with businesses from a diverse range of industries with projects ranging from the smallest desk and cubicle signs to large indoor signs including reception channel letters and wall graphics.
Learn about our indoor signs, how they can be used to benefit your organization, and contact us today for your free quote.


Create Custom Lobby Signs for Your Business

Any of our custom interior signage can be used as effective office lobby signs. Many businesses choose custom signboards and channel letters for lobbies and reception waiting areas. Colour, size, lettering, and graphics are all customizable. You can illuminate your lobby signs for more impact no matter your industry.

Choose the type of interior signage that resonates with your business image and the space you have available, and contact us for your no-obligation estimate today. High-quality office lobby signs can reinforce your brand, your attention to detail, and your commitment to quality products and services.

Interior Signage and Office Signs That Keep Your Brand Prominent

When you want to market your brand while reinforcing your values, products, and services, contact the team at About Signs Limited. We are experts in interior signage including lobby signs, office signs, directional signs, promotional signs, office door signs, and all forms of custom signage.

Get a free quote for your office signs and indoor signs today and add function, branding, and key information to your interiors.


Types of Indoor Signs and Office Signs

Indoor signs are versatile in the way that they can be used for brand promotion, wayfinding, and general information purposes. Some of our most popular interior signs include reception signs and indoor banners for commercial spaces. Some businesses simply need wayfinding indoor signs to help staff and visitors navigate within commercial premises.

  • Directional Indoor Signs: Directional indoor signs can be used for branding with custom lettering and logos. They also help staff and visitors to navigate through your premises. Restroom signs, exit signs, stair signs, and floor directories in large commercial buildings are just some examples of our custom directional indoor signs and office signs. Get started with your project by learning more about directional signs here.
  • Reception Signs and Lobby Signs: Your reception or lobby is where first impressions are made. Welcome clients and staff with beautiful lobby signs that incorporate your business name and logo. Our lobby signs include standard flat signs, large 3D letters that create depth and an impressive backdrop, or even simple vinyl wall lettering. Learn about your options for reception and lobby signs here.
  • Indoor Banners: Banners are printed on durable vinyl and are suited to commercial interiors, trade show displays, retail floors, office signs, or anywhere that you want to promote your company name, branding, sales events, and specials. Our indoor banners are customizable with graphics and lettering to get your message across. See your options for indoor banners here.
  • Banner Stands: Freestanding banners are perfect for showrooms, retail spaces, trade shows, community events, and anywhere that you need effective temporary branding that can be set up and packed up with ease. Our banner stands command attention with bold lettering and graphics that perfectly reflect your company image. Learn about the indoor banners that you can order from About Signs Limited here.
  • Wall Decals and Custom Labels: Our office signs vinyl wall decals and custom labels can quickly add branding, information, and graphics to any interior space. Vinyl can be used on smooth walls, custom sign backings, permanent items (like large reception desks), and on glass walls, windows, or partitions. Order your custom wall decals and labels and get a free quote today.

Our indoor signs can be used for a variety of commercial, retail, and public spaces. Take a look at the options below to find the perfect indoor signs for any space.

  • Posters, Prints, and Boards: We can create custom posters, board signs, and graphic prints for any purpose. Custom interior signage can be used for brand reinforcement within commercial spaces to improve team spirit. Posters are perfect for marketing in retail spaces and flagship showrooms. Custom signboards can be freestanding or wall-mounted to share inspirational messages, upcoming events, or company values. See our posters and prints here and order today.
  • Interior Signs for Communications: Our custom interior office signs are used for internal communications, typically within commercial environments. Examples include award boards (for employee of the month and star performers), news boards, message boards, and even custom whiteboards for project planning and other purposes. We can create signs using your company lettering and graphics in durable materials like aluminum and acrylic. Learn more about internal communication boards and get your quote today.
  • Tradeshow Displays: If you want to stand out at a trade event, choose our tradeshow custom indoor signs. We can create banners, freestanding signs, and even channel letters for wall backings on large tradeshow displays.
  • Name Plates and Pins: Nameplates and pins help identify key people within your organization. They reinforce company spirit while also helping staff and visitors to find the people they’re looking for. You can order your nameplates and pins and learn more here.
  • Office Door signs: Our office door signs are ideal for executive offices, conference and meeting rooms, break rooms, or anywhere else in your commercial premises where you need signage that aids navigation and wayfinding. Custom office door signs can be produced in materials like acrylic, aluminum, and wood to suit your esthetic. Talk to us today for custom office door signs for any space.
  • Custom Interior Signage Projects: As interior signage experts in Ontario, we can complete custom projects for your unique needs. Decorative wraps for commercial refrigerators and freezers, vinyl decals for glass office door signs, simple banners and posters, and mural-style office signs are just some of your options for custom interior signage. Graphics and lettering are fully customizable when you choose custom interior signage from About Signs Limited.