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Directional Signs for Businesses

Directional signs are some of the most commonly used signs in commercial spaces and private offices. These signs are designed to inform, direct, and make navigation convenient for staff and visitors. Whether you own a retail store or if you manage a busy office, you can get the best looking and most durable directional signs for businesses from About Signs Limited, your local directional depot.


What is a Directional Sign?

You’re looking for a way to improve your business and are asking the question, what is a directional sign? The answer to this is simple. It’s any type of sign that is used to direct, control traffic, inform, or designate (location, purpose, etc.).
Examples of what is a directional sign include restroom blade signs, stick figure signs on restrooms, exit signs, stair signs, and fire escape signs. Knowing what is a directional sign, you can probably think of a few different ways that they would help your business.

Don’t Settle for Standard Illuminated Exit Signs Home Depot

Illuminated exit signs Home Depot style can be purchased from major DIY and improvement retailers. The big box stores offer some functional signs, but they lack customization and unique esthetics. Illuminated exit signs Home Depot style won’t be as durable as custom signs produced by a company with more than two decades of experience in commercial signage.
If you want attractive signs that are more versatile and better made than illuminated exit signs at Home Depot, you can get your quote from About Signs Limited Today. With no-obligation to proceed with an order, there’s never been a better time to plan your signage.

About Signs Limited is the Directional Depot in Southwestern Ontario

Consider us the directional depot for your signs in Southwestern Ontario. We cover areas including Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, Hamilton, Niagara, Oakville, and nearby cities and suburbs.
As the best signage and directional depot in Ontario, we create attractive signs that are focused on visibility, legibility, style, and durability. You can get directional signs that improve staff or customer experience while helping to promote your brand. Graphics, lettering, and colour combinations ensure you get the best results.
Contact us for your free quote today and create a better commercial environment with informative and effective directional signs for businesses.

Restroom Blade Signs and More from About Signs Limited

Our restroom blade signs, stair signs, exit signs, and other directional signs for businesses are made from custom materials to suit your business. Acrylic and polycarbonate plastic are popular for durability and impressive colours and legibility. Wood and metal, including aluminum or stainless steel, can also be used. We can print both graphics and lettering on directional signs to fully reflect your branding. Illuminated directional signs are also available. Illuminated sign boxes use efficient LED lighting and are perfect for exits or highly-visible directional signs in retail stores.
Restroom blade signs and other types of hanging blade signs are ideal for business directories, retail store department signs, and directional signs in malls and shopping centers. Signs can be mounted directly to walls, on brackets, or custom sign backings, depending on your needs.
Talk to us today to discuss your ideas and we’ll develop solutions that work.

Our directional signs are customized for businesses throughout southwestern Ontario. Restroom blade signs are incredibly popular, but they’re not the only types of directional signs for businesses that we can create. Our custom signs include:

  • Safety directional signs for stairs, elevators, and emergency exits.
  • Restroom blade signs.
  • Staff break room signs.
  • Directional signs for department stores and other retail businesses that help customers to locate products.
  • Business directory signs.
  • Any other sign that informs and directs.