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Posters and Prints – Affordable Indoor Signage

When it comes to the right combination of impact, affordability, and durability, very few indoor signs perform as well as posters and prints. Whether you are looking for posters to improve the presentation of your commercial space, or if you need marketing materials for use in a retail location, you can get posters and prints from About Signs Limited. We create effective posters and 2D signboards for a diverse range of businesses in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and throughout Southwestern Ontario.

Discover the customization options and advantages of posters and prints and get a free quote from our design team today.

Oversized Novelty Cheques

The endless potential for customization is evident with our quality oversized novelty cheques. We produce these fun and attractive prints for companies like Tim Hortons and charitable groups throughout Ontario. Oversized novelty cheques are ideal for brand promotion at charity events, making for memorable and impactful photo opportunities.

Oversized novelty cheques can be used for charity golf tournaments and other sponsored sports events, school and medical center opening days, or any other scenario where you want to keep your brand prominent while giving back to the community.

Get the Best Posters and Prints from About Signs Limited

Affordability, flawless quality, and durable materials are yours to enjoy when you choose posters and prints from About Signs Limited. If you need commercial advertising materials, specialist prints for offices, or any kind of custom work, you can talk to us today to begin the design consultation process.

More convenient than printing in-house and better looking than the prints you get from consumer and small business printers, we are the best choice for custom posters and prints in Southwestern Ontario.

Custom Projects

Some of the most prominent businesses and non-commercial organizations are our valued clients in Ontario. We also offer services directly to entrepreneurs and private individuals and groups looking for custom posters and prints.

If you have a family reunion coming up, a wedding, or any kind of special event, you can get custom prints and posters to make the day more memorable. We can print collages, photo booth backdrops, and large signs for your next event.

We can also produce custom prints for display in your home, office, studio, or anywhere else that you want to add colour and style.

Why Our Digital Prints and Posters Are Perfect for Everyday Marketing

Posters and prints are cost-efficient, making them popular with businesses in any industry, as well as non-commercial organizations like schools, community groups, and government departments.
The advantages of these affordable marketing materials are simply too compelling to ignore. Posters and prints are popular because…

  • They’re affordable and can be delivered with rapid turnaround times.
    You can incorporate your logo, custom lettering, text, and high-resolution images.
  • Posters are perfect for any environment, from non-profit to retail and corporate, and everything in between.
  • Posters and prints can be mounted on most surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, finished drywall, Coroplast, Plexi, foam board, particleboard, composites, styrene, glass, and others.

    • If you have custom frames or sign backings custom posters and prints can be applied directly.
    • We can also incorporate our digitally printed posters into plaques and other custom solutions.

    Most importantly, posters and prints are bold, and they attract attention. You can improve the look and feel of an office with printed photography, company logos, values, or images of your teams and the work they produce. Retailers can use posters and prints for seasonal promotions or as primary in-store advertising. Even businesses like cafés and restaurants can use posters for menus, product shots, and other graphics or information.
    If you want highly visual marketing that you can use in-store, in your windows, or within any private or commercial space, it’s time to talk to the team at About Signs Limited.