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Visual Marketing Done Right – Toronto Wall Decals

Custom made Toronto wall decals can add a splash of colour and design to any space. When used for branding and marketing, Toronto wall decals are both effective and cost-efficient.

About Signs Limited makes custom Toronto wall decals for commercial spaces, offices, homes, and any place where decals are needed. More than just wall letters, decals can include graphics or fully reproduced photography and digital images.

Learn more about wall decals and get your free quote from the talented team at About Signs Limited.

What are Custom Wall Decals in Toronto?

Our custom wall decals in Toronto might look like blown up stickers, but they’re much more than that. Unlike traditional stickers that are often low or mid-quality and feature a harsh adhesive, our vinyl wall stickers are digitally printed with stable UV ink and feature an adhesive that is safe for paint and drywall. That means you can decorate with custom wall decals in Toronto without damaging your property.

Wall decals in Toronto are used for several purposes:

  • To market a brand, such as a brand logo on the wall in a reception area.
  • To provide information, like a directory decal in an office.
  • To advertise a brand, products, or services.
  • To decorate with an aesthetic design in a store or a home.

Like posters, decals can include any detail that you want, the key difference is that decals look much better and last much longer. They can also be cut to size and shape, so you aren’t limited to the typical rectangle design of traditional posters.

What Can You Customize on Toronto Wall Decals?

All aspects of Toronto wall decals can be customized to suit your needs. A lot of the decals that we make are for commercial businesses, but decals are also used at homes, schools, libraries, universities, and government buildings.

You can choose customization options for Toronto wall decals, including:

  • Unlimited color options.
  • Shape, including irregular shapes to suit unique logos or graphics.
  • Practically unlimited size options. Large decals can look impressive in showrooms and other commercial spaces. If you want to cover a wall from floor to ceiling, our team can get it done.
  • The design of the decal can be whatever you want it to be, from simple vector art to fully reproduced images.
  • Toronto wall decals can also be simple letters in a font and color of your choice.

As a professional signage company, About Signs Limited can assist with the planning and design, even if you don’t plan to use your decals in a commercial setting. We’ll take your concept and make it happen.

If you are planning to use Toronto wall decals for a commercial space, then we can use your logo, brand colors, and other visual elements to ensure consistency with your wider marketing image. We provide a turnkey service from concept to completion. Our decals are available with a professional installation service, ensuring that you get flawless results with the right aesthetic.

What are the Benefits of Custom Wall Decals in Toronto for Businesses?

If you’re planning to get decals for a commercial space, you can enjoy some significant benefits once everything is completed and installed.

The most significant advantage of custom wall decals in Toronto for business is that you can add branding to any space. If you have a modest budget for signage, then you could use wall decals as primary interior signage. A high-quality decal applied to the wall behind a reception desk makes for good signage, and it can include your logo and your business name.

If you can stretch your budget a little further, you could even incorporate a decal with a lit sign. A decal on backlit acrylic can look fantastic in the right setting.

You can also use wall decals for practical purposes, like advertising your products or providing directions within a store. Using decals to signify different in-store displays or sections of a store is a popular way to use custom wall decals in Toronto.

Whether you inform, promote, or simply decorate, your custom wall decals in Toronto can make your business appear more professional and more organized, while also making customers happier by improving the overall aesthetic.

The Best Decals in Toronto

Whatever your project is, the team at About Signs Limited will ensure that you get high-quality decals that suit your concept. From business decals to fun designs for use at home, Toronto wall decals give you absolute freedom to decorate or add branding and utility to any space. Start with your no-risk quote and see how our team works to deliver the best visual marketing and decorative decals in Ontario.