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Custom Wall Decals

About Signs Limited creates attractive and memorable custom wall decals for businesses in Hamilton, Milton, Mississauga, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario.

Wall decals are a cost-effective way to add branding and a splash of colour to your commercial space. From retail stores to offices, custom wall decals are both versatile and affordable. Learn how our custom vinyl products can be used to promote your brand, inform your audience, and improve your interiors.


Quality Vinyl Custom Wall Decals That Last for Years

Our decals are produced using high-quality vinyl to improve durability and ensure impressive and clean graphics and text. Vinyl is versatile and can be adhered to virtually any flat surface. Solid walls, glass, doors, and even floors are all suitable for our custom labels, posters, and lettering.

We offer specialty finishes depending on the application. If you need durable vinyl for attached labels or even floors, we will use laminating film to prevent scuffs, abrasions, scratches, and discolouration.

A metallic film is perfect if you want custom wall decals or labels that capture and reflect light. Metallic decals are particularly impressive in well-lit areas and when applied to items that are used outdoors.

Custom Logo Wall Decals – Your Design Options

Our vinyl custom logo wall decals are suited to lettering, graphics, or a combination of the two. Your design options are extensive when working with About Signs Limited.

Graphics can be simple vector style logos and diagrams, right up to printed photography. Decals can cover entire walls to completely change the look and feel of a room, or you can choose cut-out custom logo wall decals to add branding in key areas. Our custom wall decals are particularly popular with retailers and customer-facing industries.

Lettering can be contour cut or printed on a larger coloured sheet of vinyl. Cut-out letters look impressive when applied to walls as they appear fully integrated with the existing paint or wall covering. We can also offer creative solutions, such as vinyl applied to glass or acrylic backings that stand out from a wall. This allows for a more upmarket look and feel and is perfect for boutique stores and corporate offices.

Colours, sizes, and graphics are all fully customizable. We offer the most versatile custom logo wall decals printing in Ontario.

Custom Door Decals Canada

Our custom labels and decals work on doors just as well as they do on walls. Any flat-surfaced door can have a touch of branding or key information added with custom door decals Canada. Our vinyl decals are also great for glass doors.

You can add your company name, a brand logo, or a custom message to any door within your premises. You can also use vinyl decals for labelling and numbering. Adding vinyl nameplates to office doors is a cost-effective solution to help keep your premises organized. Our vinyl door decals in Canada are great for hotel and motel room doors and apartment doors.

If you need more branding for your storefront, consider adding custom door decals in Canada to your front door. Your brand, opening hours, contact details, and other key information can be added directly to the glass. We even create vinyl decals that simulate etched or frosted glass, adding both privacy and a sophisticated look and feel.

Custom Labels

Vinyl is a resilient material that stands up well to any working environment. Our vinyl decals are used for custom labels on industrial equipment, safety equipment like hardhats, and even on industrial machinery and vehicles.

Our custom labels are becoming increasingly popular for floors. Retailers use our laminated vinyl custom labels to add advertisements to shop and showroom floors, to direct foot traffic, or to label departments and areas of interest within a business.

With the ability to add full-colour graphics and lettering to die cut floor labels of any size, you can get the perfect solution for your needs. Just look at our gallery to see the creative ways that local businesses have used our attractive custom labels.


Order Custom Wall Decals and Labels from About Signs Limited

About Signs Limited offers wall decals in areas ranging from Niagara up to the Greater Toronto Area. With our expertise, you’ll enjoy a stress-free experience getting the best custom labels and wall decals.

Our team will:

  • Offer free consultations and quotes.
  • Work with your existing branding to create the best wall decals and custom labels.
  • Install high quality vinyl decals that are durable and aesthetically impressive.
  • Take the time to understand your concerns and unique needs.

With a free quote there’s absolutely no risk when you are considering custom labels and wall decals. When looking at all the different ways custom labels can benefit your business, it’s clear to see why so many of the most successful companies invest in this type of branding. You can get an edge in your market, allowing you to compete and grow your brand.

Whether you want to promote, inform, or simply add value for customers and visitors to your commercial premises, we have the ideal solutions. Get your free wall decals quote from About Signs Limited today.