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Outdoor A-Frames

If you need a temporary outdoor signage option that can be displayed during business hours and then stored after closing, an outdoor A-Frame is likely what you’re looking for.

Endlessly customizable and capable of attracting attention, A-Frame advertising is an affordable and effective solution for businesses throughout Toronto, the GTA, Hamilton, Burlington, and nearby areas around Southwestern Ontario.

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What is Outdoor A-Frame Signage?

An A-Frame, also known as an outdoor sandwich board, is a type of temporary signage typically used directly in front of a business. Popular in busy commercial areas where storefront signage is difficult to see, you can use an outdoor A-Frame to complement your existing signage.

Outdoor A-Frame signage takes its name from the design, where a folding board is used to provide stability. These signs can be single or double-sided and are typically placed facing oncoming traffic. In narrow streets, shopping malls, arcades, and other busy areas, outdoor A-Frames have more potential to capture the attention of pedestrians and passing vehicle traffic.

Weighted A-Frame Signs

We can produce standard plastic signs as well as weighted A-Frame signs that use materials like wood and metal to keep your frame sign upright. Weighted A-Frame signs resist wind and weather to ensure that they remain standing throughout the day and night.

Some businesses choose to leave weighted A-Frame signs outside their businesses at all hours, securing signs to posts or trees for security.

Whether you want to leave your sign outside or if you’re simply looking for something sturdier that won’t blow away, weighted A-Frame signs make for the perfect solution.

A-Frame Sign Ups Your Marketing Potential

With affordable and versatile A-Frame advertising, you can increase the return you get from your advertising spend.

A single A-Frame sign-ups the exposure your brand will receive in your local market. Don’t let your business go unnoticed without signage on the street. A-Frame advertising is one of the smartest investments you can make in your business.

Effective A-Frame Advertising with About Signs Limited

Our extensive customization options and the highest quality signage ensure that you can get A-Frame advertising that suits your budget and your marketing goals.

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Advantages and Customization of A-Frame Outdoor Sandwich Board Signage

Several benefits make outdoor sandwich board signage popular with businesses of all sizes.

A-Frame advertising is effective for countless businesses. You’ll often see these signs in popular commercial districts and entertainment districts, particularly outside retailers, restaurants, and cafés.

See our gallery for examples of custom A-Frame advertising with About Signs Limited.
As a full-service signage company, we can customize outdoor sandwich board signage to meet your needs. There are countless styles and configurations to choose from, so you’ll never have to compromise.

The most notable of these include…

  • Cost efficiency and rapid turnaround times from design to delivery.
  • Ability to customize the sign messaging.
  • Perfect for narrow streets and busy commercial spaces where the storefront isn’t immediately visible to pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Portability to relocate outdoor sandwich board signage as needs change.
  • High visibility when using graphics, lettering, and logos.

Some of our most popular customization options are:

  • Whiteboard and chalkboard signs for instant changes to messaging and promotions.
  • Insert signs that can hold posters and corrugated plastic sheets.
  • Adhesive vinyl decal signs that can be customized with decals and letters for seasonal promotions and specials.
  • Double-sided signs with custom messaging on both panels.
  • Combination signs that feature a permanent logo and business name with a customizable insert or chalkboard section.