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Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are not just for political campaigns. They have many uses and are a practical medium for displaying a temporary message. You’ve got to make sure your lawn looks great too, and for help with this in the Virginia area you could contact lawn care Christiansburg.

Catch the attention of pedestrians or drivers by displaying a Lawn Sign near the sidewalk or road. These signs are ideal for sending out quick messages that will surely be remembered.

Lawn Signs Printing

Practical, inexpensive and easy to move, lawn signs are coroplast material with vinyl graphics or a digital print mounted to it. Lawn signs can be supported with a metal wire H-stake or inserted into a metal A-Frame which sits on the ground. They are light and easy to install and remove as necessary. Since they are inexpensive, they can also be produced in larger quantities which can be ideal if you plan on using them in multiple locations or if you plan on moving them frequently. Make sure to also talk to a florida lawn care expert so you don’t damage your lovely lawn.

The Uses of Lawn Signs

(Lawn Signs for Business and for Advertising Your Events)

Lawn signs are typically used in the real estate industry for open houses, or homes for sale. We also think they are fantastic for corporate events you might be hosting, such as a charity car wash golf tournament, or charity barbecue. Lawn signs are fantastic for family picnics your business might host. Many contractors, such as painting companies, landscapers, and roofers use lawn signs as they are doing work. And yes… if you are running for office, they are also great for political campaigns!

If you are considering lawn signs for your business, organization or event, it is important that they are well designed and easy to spot and read. As experts in the sign business for over 20 years, the team at About Signs can help you design the ideal lawn signs for advertising your specific needs.