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Monument Signs

Attractive monument signs are used to advertise your business, direct your clientele, and create a lasting positive brand impression. These permanent signs can be placed directly in front of your business on a lawn or within a manicured garden. Monument signs can also be placed at the roadside before the turnoff into your parking lot.

For monument signs that draw attention and reflect the value of your business, talk to About Signs Limited. We are one of Southwestern Ontario’s leading monument sign companies with extensive design options to get your business noticed.


The Cost of Attractive Monument Signs

The cost of a monument sign depends on its size, the materials used, its placement, and the overall design. With options ranging from simple unlit signs to illuminated channel letter signs and sign boxes, your options are extensive.

Contact About Signs Limited today for your obligation-free quote from one of the most trusted sign companies in Oakville, Hamilton, Toronto, the GTA, and throughout Southwestern Ontario.

What Information is Included on Monument Signs?

Monument signs work best when adorned with attractive logos and simple information. Most monument signs include company lettering, a logo, and address information.

If you want to include customizable information (such as company news, events, promotions, and more.) you can incorporate a changeable letter board or LED message board into your sign. We are one of Ontario’s full-service monument sign companies, and web design and build our signs in-house. We can also assist with the necessary permits to get your project moving.


What are the Different Types of Monument Signs?

Monument signs are fully customizable to suit your budget and the esthetic that you’re looking to achieve. We create attractive monument signs to be mounted to solid foundations like masonry and concrete. Monument signs can also be mounted on short wood or steel stands if you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution. Ground-mounted 3D letters are also available.

Consider some of the different types of monument signs we build at About Signs Limited and talk to us today to find out how we can turn your concept into an impactful and memorable sign for your business.

Some of our most popular types of monument signs include:

  • Changeable Aluminum Plate Mounted to Landscape Stone. A landscape stone monument creates a foundation and backing for a simple aluminum sign that incorporates graphics and lettering. Plate signs can be front-lit to keep your brand visible at night.
  • LED Push Thru Acrylic Letters. Our LED push thru style lettering literally pops out from the backing to create an impressive 3D effect. The letters can be halo lit for even more impact. Monument signs with push through letters typically feature an aluminum surround with an acrylic or metal face.
  • Changeable Aluminum Plate Mounted to Landscape Brick. Commercial buildings made from brick can be complemented with a brick foundation monument sign placed on a lawn or at the roadside. The monument can accommodate several brands for shared commercial premises.
  • Illuminated Light Box Monument Signs. Lightbox signage can be mounted to brick, pylons, concrete, or any foundation that you want to work with. Lightbox signs are made with aluminum sides and semi-transparent acrylic faces that are lit from within to keep your brand visible 24/7.
  • Concrete Foundation Monument Signs. Poured concrete makes for an excellent monument foundation. The concrete monument can support an aluminum plate, a lightbox, or even 3D backlit channel letters for impactful branding.
  • Concrete, Stone, and Brick Pillar Monument Signs. Large light-boxes can be mounted to concrete, stone, and brick pillars for an impactful monument outside your place of business or private organization. Concrete pillars are affordable and durable. Stone and brick veneers can be used over concrete to keep costs reasonable.

View our monument sign gallery for examples of these styles and more. This is not the limit of what you can create with your own custom monument sign. The design is entirely up to you, with countless variations on the shape, sign backing, the monument itself, and the type of lighting that is used.

Monument signs can be created with letter boards or even LED message signboards so you can customize your messaging every day or as often as you need to.

To discover all your options, even if you only have a loose concept in mind, contact About Signs Limited now.

Choose One of the Best Monument Sign Companies in Ontario

About Signs Limited has more than 20 years of experience creating impactful signs for a diverse range of businesses and other organizations. We are one of the leading monument sign companies serving Oakville, Hamilton, Niagara, Toronto, Mississauga, the GTA, and many of the surrounding areas.

Choose the best monument sign companies to ensure you get an attractive sign at a competitive price. Our custom signs turn heads and can help your audience to find you. Professional monument signs reflect your business values and enhance public perception.

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