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Outdoor Banners and Building Banners

While permanent storefront signage will always play a role for primary branding and marketing, there’s a lot of value to be found with custom outdoor banner posts and building banners.

When you need to communicate your message at a relatively low cost and with increased flexibility, quality temporary signage is ideal.

About Signs Limited creates the most attractive outdoor banner posts and building banners in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and throughout Southwestern Ontario. Learn how banners could play an important role in your business marketing and get your no-obligation quote from an expert now.


Banner Stands Trade Shows and More

Our banners aren’t just for the roadside and storefronts. They can be used at events and tradeshows. If your company frequently visits conventions, shows, and special market events, you can use banner stands trade designs that attract your audience and spread your message.

Banner stands trade can be used indoors and out. If you sponsor local events, you can take banners on the road with you to get your brand seen. Even some in-home service providers can use banner stands trade designs (with the consent of their customers) to display on the roadside of the premises where they are working.

The versatility of banner stands trade designs and simple standing banners is unmatched in the signage industry.

Custom Outdoor Banner Posts – Your Options

There are countless ways to customize your outdoor banner posts. When considering the banners themselves, you can print custom lettering, supporting text, and full-colour graphics on high-grade vinyl that resists wind, moisture, and harsh sunlight.

Outdoor banner posts can also be customized in shape and size.

Teardrop banners, standard rectangular banners, and even gateway style banners can be created for your business. Banners can be mounted on custom backings to serve as primary storefront signage, or they can be hung on frames similar to hanging blade signs.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited. We take the time to understand your unique needs and present solutions that suit your budget. No matter what you have in mind, you can talk to us today to get your quote and start designing outdoor banner posts for any purpose.

Order Building Banners from About Signs Limited

For the most attractive building banners that are fully customized for your brand, talk to the team at About Signs Limited. We have over 20 years of experience creating cost-efficient and visually effective signage for businesses throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Southwestern Ontario, and the nearby areas.

Building banners allow you to improve your brand marketing with a relatively small investment and results that come quickly. We’re available now to start the consultation process.

The Advantages of Freestanding and Building Banners

From affordability to the marketing advantages, there are plenty of benefits to enjoy when using freestanding and building banners as outdoor signs.

  • Banners are relatively inexpensive compared to permanent storefront signage and ground signs.
  • You can target your audience with outdoor banner posts that can stand roadside, on the sidewalk, or directly in front of your business windows.
  • Banners can be quickly and easily swapped out to change your marketing message.

Talk to our team today for cost-efficient and effective freestanding and building banners.

  • Banners are reusable, allowing you to rotate specific signage throughout the year.
  • Turnaround times are fast.
  • Banners can be just as memorable as permanent signage with bold graphics and lettering.
  • Durable vinyl banners can last for years thanks to weatherproof printing and materials.