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Pylon Signs for Powerful Branding and Visibility

About Signs Limited can design and install eye-catching pylon signs of all shapes and sizes for your business. Designed to offer maximum visibility from the roadside, you may know pylon signs by other names, including freestanding signs and pole signs.

Pylon signs are typically used by businesses looking for high impact branding solutions. Restaurants, car dealerships, commercial lots, auto service shops, and gas stations are just some examples where signs can be used to great effect. If you’re looking for the most competitive signage pylon costs, it’s time to talk to the experts in Southwestern Ontario.


Pylon Costs in Ontario

Size, complexity, and overall design all influence pylon costs. You can get an estimate for pylon costs from our team today, with no obligation to proceed with an order.

Pylon Sign Basics

There are many types of pylon sign solutions available to your business. Our signs can cover a single business, or, if you own a commercial park, shopping center, multipurpose building, or even a large mall, we can design large pylon signs that incorporate several business names.

Pylon signs can include light signs, electronic message boards, channel letters, or simple directory signs. Material choices are extensive and include aluminum signs, plastic signs, steel signs, or a combination of different materials to meet your desired esthetic.

Types of Pylon Signs:​ From Road Pylons to Directory Signs

Talk to us today and we’ll design road pylons fully customized to your unique needs.

  • Lightbox Pylon Signs – Commercial premises like shopping centers and malls can make use of attractive lightbox road pylons. These signs are similar to monument signs but can be made taller and more elaborate for maximum visual impact. They are typically placed near entrances and exits atthe roadside.
  • Single Pole Road Pylons – These custom signs are attractive and traditional. They are often found outside car dealerships, gas stations, and other single-business locations that need branding viewable from the sidewalk and road.
  • Double or Twin Pole Road Pylons – Choosing twin pole road pylons is typically an esthetic choice. The symmetry is often preferred by businesses. Largersigns may need a twin pole design for stability
  • Covered Road Pylons – The structural poles of pylon signs can be completely enclosed and covered to create a custom look and feel that suits your business. Covered signs can match or complement your commercial building exterior. Covered pylons can use lightboxes, electronic message boards, or standard signage, depending on your needs.
  • Directory Pylon Signs – Ideal for commercial properties that host several businesses. These signs aid customer navigation and traffic efficiency.
Construction Pylon Signage

If you’re working on a major construction project, you may consider construction pylon signage to promote your firm or the development itself. Construction pylons can draw attention to a project, provide important contact information, or even provide safety indicators to contractors, site visitors, and the public.

Specialized signs can be designed for your needs. Construction pylons may not need lighting or other design embellishments like channel letters. Construction pylon costs can be kept low in most cases. Or, if you want to obscure your site while also adding branding or advertising, you can consider hoarding signage for your perimeter instead of construction pylons.

About Signs Limited Offers Pylon Signs in Southwestern Ontario

We provide custom signage throughout the greater Toronto area. Popular for commercial businesses looking to make an impact and stand out from the competition, you can install a pylon sign in:

Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Markham, Scarborough, Caledon, Erin, Ajax, Oshawa, Hamilton, Grimsby, Vaughan, Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Newmarket, Stouffville, Aurora, Orangeville, Kitchener and Niagara Falls.

Contact us today for your obligation-free pylon signs quote and have confidence working with the best commercial signage company in Southwestern Ontario.