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Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs play a vital role in ensuring positive experiences. Whether considering a grocery store or a large commercial office space, wayfinding signs aid in navigation while providing unique opportunities to improve branding.

Wayfinding signs can be found outside businesses at the roadside, inside parking lots, or even within the interiors of large commercial, industrial, and private spaces.

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What is Wayfinding Signage?

To understand what is wayfinding signage, consider the ways that visitors interact with your business. If your storefront or commercial building isn’t directly visible from the roadside, a wayfinding sign could take the form of a highly visible monument sign or turnoff sign.

If you own a commercial location with several tenants, a wayfinding sign could take on the form of a directory board.

What is wayfinding signage? It’s any form of commercial signage that directs visitors and informs them where they are while providing key information. Restroom signs, parking signs, and office directory signs are all examples.

Now that you understand what is wayfinding signage, you might wonder if it’s suitable for both branding as well as navigational information. The answer is a

Exterior Directional Signage

Parking signs, disabled access signs, and turnoff signs are all examples of exterior directional signage. Helping your visitors, clients, and customers find you is the primary purpose of exterior directional signage. You can incorporate your brand imagery like a logo and custom lettering to help promote your business with exterior directional signage.

If your business isn’t visible from the road, if you share a parking lot, or if you’re in a crowded commercial complex, it’s recommended that you use exterior directional signage to engage with your market.

Outdoor Business Directory Signs

Shopping plazas, open malls, and commercial centres of all sizes can benefit from outdoor business directory signs. These signs are designed to label all of the occupants while providing directions. Outdoor business directory signs can include unit numbers as well as visual guides like maps. Outdoor business directory signs can even categorize occupants by business type.

Outdoor business directory signs can be mounted to walls, pedestals, pillars, or any type of stand or backing that suits your environment.

Apartment Directional Signs

Apartment directional signs are another example of wayfinding signs. These are used to outline unit and building codes, usually with an integrated map. Apartment directional signs can take the form of large directory signs, unit numbers on doors, and signs in elevators and lobbies to direct visitors or new residents.

Specialized apartment directional signs can include signs for stairs, elevators, fire exits, and common areas like gyms, pools, and lobbies.

We can create attractive apartment directional signs that reflect the branding and overall design theme of your complex.

What are the Most Common Wayfinding Materials?

Wayfinding materials can be customized to suit any application.

  • Acrylic is one of the most popular wayfinding materials for interior signs.
  • Aluminum is one of the most durable wayfinding materials for exterior directional signs.
  • Wayfinding materials like stone, brick, and cement can be used to create landmark monument signs for wayfinding.
  • Vinyl is sometimes used for wayfinding materials on glass walls and doors.
  • Wooden signs are ideal for campus wayfinding signs.
  • Talk to us about your preferred wayfinding materials and we’ll design solutions that work.

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