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Custom Backlit Signs for Storefronts in Southwestern Ontario

Backlit signs can help your storefront to stand out, no matter where you are located or what niche you operate in. Bold, vibrant, and easily seen day or night, investing in backlit signage could help your business to grow.

About Signs Limited offers custom backlit signs for any business. Learn about our signs, the benefits, and get your no-obligation quote today.


Custom Storefront Signage from Design to Installation

One of the unique advantages of working with About Signs Limited is that we are a fully integrated signage company with more than two decades of experience in the industry. We design, produce and install our signs in-house, so we have complete control over quality and the final result. This is why we’re proud to offer every backlit sign with a defect-free guarantee.

The cost of backlit signage and backlit letters can vary depending on the size, design, and complexity of the finished product. You can get a free quote today with no obligation to proceed. Contact us now to learn about the cost, design options, and features.

What are Backlit Signs?

A backlit sign is any type of commercial or non-commercial sign that is placed in front of a light source. Signs can include lettering, graphics, or both, depending on your requirements.

The sign is often made from a semi-translucent material to create a glowing effect. Lettering can be incorporated into the sign face. Or, if you’re looking for something with more impact, three-dimensional channel letters can be used to add more depth. Halo lighting for 3D letters creates a unique floating appearance that can be incredibly appealing for potential customers.

The light source for backlit signs is typically an LED array, which offers an excellent combination of brightness, energy efficiency, and durability. The highest quality LED light diodes can last beyond 90,000 hours when correctly installed. Today’s backlit signs are brighter and far more efficient than those used two or three decades ago, which can result in direct savings.

Backlit signs are all about visibility and impact. If you want your business to stand out and for your brand to be memorable, it’s time to talk to us.

Where are Backlit Letters and Signage Used?

Backlighting is the perfect way to illuminate a storefront and have it stand out. Many of our valued clients use backlit signs for outdoor branding, but our custom backlit letters and signage can also be used indoors.

3D backlit letters are projected outwards from interior walls with deep profiles to create impact. By adding halo backlighting, interior backlit letters stand out even more. This style is ideal for high profile reception and waiting areas, building lobbies, directly opposite elevator doors, and anywhere else that effective branding is needed. If you consider your interior to be an extension of your storefront, you can consider our backlit letters.
For exteriors, backlit letters and backlit signage can be used for storefront building signs, window displays, pylon signs, monument signs, and anywhere else that your brand needs to stand out.

The types of businesses that make use of backlit letters and signage are diverse. Car dealerships, auto showrooms, commercial high rises, medical centres, podcasts and television sets, restaurants, bookstores… there is no limitation to the type of company that can make use of our defect-free backlit letters and signs.

Backlit Restaurant Signs for a Memorable Storefront

Backlit restaurant signs have become essential in the industry. Look at any of the big-name fast-food restaurants, family restaurants, or even cafés and coffee houses, and you will find that backlit restaurant signs are used at every location with very few exceptions. From McDonald’s to Tim Hortons, backlit restaurant signs add visibility behind brands that people are familiar with.

If companies that already have powerful brands still make use of backlit restaurant signs to get noticed and stay relevant, imagine what a professionally designed sign could do for your restaurant. Our backlit restaurant signs are suited to established local restaurants and those that are just getting started.

We’ll design signs that quite literally portray your sign in the most positive light.

Key Advantages of Backlit Signage

Visibility is everything when it comes to your storefront. You can build visibility with your branding and marketing. Much of your marketing effort may be focused on online channels like social media and digital advertising. However, your physical presence is still hugely important. If you aren’t promoting your business premises with bold and highly visible branding, you leave an opening for your competitors.

The biggest advantage of choosing backlit signage is visibility. These signs stand out, day or night, no matter where your business is located. If your commercial location is on a busy strip, backlit signage will differentiate you from your competition. If you operate a business that attracts a majority of its clientele in the evenings, such as a restaurant, then backlit signs will ensure that patrons can see your business name and branding throughout the night.

Backlit signage is relatively affordable considering the durability and long return on investment. Efficient lighting solutions eliminate the need to frequently replace floodlights and fluorescent bulbs. LED lighting is better for the environment and friendlier on your electric bill.

Storefront Backlit signs are fully customizable, so you can keep your brand identity intact. Colours, materials, and letter styles can all be specific to your business. Complex images can be added to backlit signs, so you’re not just limited to simple logos.

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