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Non-Illuminated Signage – Non Lit Letters for Business

At About Signs Limited we offer a diverse range of creative storefront signage options for businesses in any industry. Some of our most popular signs are made with illuminated letters, but not every business needs to go this route. Non-lit letters are a popular alternative.

If you lack the electrical infrastructure for illuminated signs, or if your business doesn’t need the signage visible day and night, you can choose our non lit letters instead. With our creative approach, non-lit signs create impact and can get your brand noticed.

Learn about the advantages and your options for non-illuminated signage and get your obligation-free quote today.


Order Non Lit Signage from About Signs Limited

We are ready to create attractive signs with highly memorable graphics and lettering. Incorporate your logo, your business name, a tagline, and graphics that support your business. With a free quote, you’ll know exactly how much it will cost to get effective branding.

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The Benefits of Non Lit Letters

Non-lit letters cover various signage options where a light source isn’t used. Options range from 2D signboards to deep 3D letters like our popular channel letters. There are several advantages to consider when choosing non-illuminated signage for your storefront.

The main advantage that clients consider with non lit letters is the lower cost of installation and ownership. Without lighting, non-lit signage won’t come with ongoing operating costs. If you need signage on a strict budget, consider using non-illuminated letters from About Signs Limited.

  • Lower cost of ownership with no additional utility spend.
  • Faster design and installation with less complexity.
  • More affordable signage options when compared to illuminated letters.
  • More durable with less maintenance.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses, from retail and office spaces to schools and government services.
Things to Consider Before Choosing Non Lit Signage

We supply attractive and memorable signage to businesses throughout Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Our diverse range of storefront solutions ensures that there’s a perfect sign for any business and budget.

Consider our different types of non lit letters and start designing yours today.

Before you decide to invest in non lit letters and signage, ask the following questions within your organization.

  • Do you need your signage to be visible in the evenings? If so, illuminated letters are often the better choice.
  • Are you in a well-lit commercial space where non-illuminated signage will be visible without a dedicated light source? If so, non-lit letters will suit.
  • Are you on a strict budget and need attractive signage in a hurry? Non lit letters come with faster turnaround times and lower cost, allowing you to create attractive branding quickly.
  • Do you want non lit signs that still attract attention and reflect positively on your brand? If so, About Signs Limited has the best solutions on the market.

Types of Non-Illuminated Signage for Your Busines

Many of our signage types can be created as non lit signs. Material options are diverse, allowing you to get the look and feel that best suits your business and your existing branding.

Many of our non lit signs can be retrofitted with lighting, allowing you to make a cost-efficient investment today, with the option to upgrade in the future.

  • Aluminum is a popular choice for attractive letters. The material captures and reflects light to remain visible throughout daylight hours.
  • 2D signboards are also popular. These can be made from composite materials and plastics to ensure durability. Lettering and graphics are printed, painted, or applied to the sign (often using vinyl) for durability and visibility.
  • Channel letters are some of our most popular illuminated signs. These can also be made as non lit letters. Channel letters create depth as they stand out from a wall or sign backing. Colours and materials are fully customizable. Aluminum is a popular choice. Aluminum and acrylic channel letters can be created for a unique two-tone appearance.