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Solid Awnings with Sunbrella in Toronto

Solid Awnings with Sunbrella in Toronto

Solid Awnings with Sunbrella in Toronto

Street awnings can add the missing touch to your commercial location, giving it a point of visual difference and creating a branding opportunity. Solid awning frames from About Signs Limited will provide excellent resilience for a long return on investment.

If your storefront or commercial entryway is lacking something to set you apart from the neighbors, our team can help. We build custom street awnings with Sunbrella in Toronto. You’ll love the look of a traditional fabric with all of the benefits of modern material innovation and durability.

Solid Awning Frames for Sunbrella in Toronto

Steel-framed solid awnings can be wrapped with Sunbrella in Toronto, giving you maximum durability to resist the elements. A solid awning is more practical than a retractable awning for commercial premises. There’s virtually no maintenance required outside of cleaning, and with a solid awning frame, there are no complex parts and gears to break down.

Our solid awning frames are precision engineered with the highest quality materials and installed by our trusted field team. About Signs Limited has been providing durable signage to businesses in Southwestern Ontario for more than 20 years.

The Advantages of Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella awning and shade fabrics are made from durable fibres that outperform traditional canopies and umbrellas. Available in a range of colours and designs, you can choose a street awning that perfectly suits your business and its existing brand imagery.

Sunbrella comes with several advantages that set the material apart from other commercial shade materials.

  • Sunbrella is inherently weather resistant. The proprietary fibres can resist tearing from wind, as well as load from snow and hail. Sunshine or inclement weather, Sunbrella will continue to perform in the years to come. Sunbrella outdoor commercial fabrics are designed to resist the elements for at least ten years, so you’ll enjoy a strong return on your investment.
  • The material is UV and fade-resistant, so the colour of your canopy will remain vibrant. This is important for a commercial awning. Faded canopies can make your business look tired, and run down, and could reflect poorly on your brand. Sunbrella looks better for longer, so you don’t need to worry about frequently replacing the material on your canopy frame.
  • Sunbrella resists mold, mildew, and stains. Maintenance is minimal. The material can be cleaned with soft brushing, detergent, and hosing down. Reputable exterior cleaning companies in Toronto know exactly how to take care of Sunbrella awnings, so you can work with your existing service provider.
  • You can add branding to your custom canopy. At About Signs Limited, we hand paint Sunbrella fabrics with the graphics and lettering of your choosing. We use high-quality weather-resistant materials so that your logo and lettering will remain as vibrant and impressive as the canopy material over time.

Sunbrella is the awning material of choice for discerning business owners. If you want maximum durability with an aesthetic material that continues to look great through the years, then this is your best option. Sunbrella street awnings can suit a range of commercial premises from office entryways to retail stores, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Garden Canopies and Awnings

Sunbrella in Toronto is more than just the best material for a street awning. We can fabricate frames for custom garden canopies and awnings, wrapped with Sunbrella in Toronto.

Garden canopies and awnings are perfect for restaurants, cafés, or private areas behind commercial premises. Add garden canopies and awnings for your staff to take breaks in the shade outdoors, or cover seating and dining areas for your patrons.

Garden canopies and awnings offer practical benefits, like keeping the worst of the elements off of windows, plants, flowerbeds, and other landscape features.

Combine Your Signage Projects

If you’ve looked at other local service providers like Above All Awnings but found that you want more for your project, our team is ready to help.

We can provide street awnings, just like the competitors, but we also offer a complete range of commercial signage ranging from channel letters and storefront signage to interior signage and digital printing. If you’re starting a new branding campaign, or if you simply want to update your premises, we can take care of all your signage needs under a single bill. More convenient and more affordable, it’s always better to consolidate.

Get an Estimate for Street Awnings in Toronto

Our team is standing by to get started on your project. Give your commercial location the personality and point of differentiation that attracts your audience. About Signs Limited can provide an awning quote based on your design brief. See how easy it is to work with a trusted local signage company that has served the business community in Southwestern Ontario for over two decades.

Contact us today and get beautiful, durable, and practical street awnings made with Sunbrella in Toronto.