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Stand Out – Channel Letters On Signs

Stand Out – Channel Letters On Signs

There are plenty of options available to business owners when it comes to storefront signage, but if you’re looking for a sign that stands out, both literally and figuratively, channel letters are the way to go. Channel letters, sometimes called push through letters, are three-dimensional signage elements. Compared to a typical two-dimensional sign, channel letters provide a more prominent way to mark a storefront or other business.

How they’re made

Channel letters are fabricated from sheet metal. Aluminum is usually the metal of choice because it won’t rust over time like steel. Flat sheets of aluminum are cut into pieces with the guidance of a computer. Depending on the size and shape of the desired sign, the cut pieces will be folded and fastened to create three-dimensional objects. Keep in mind that the term channel letter doesn’t only apply to alphabetic characters. Logos, wordmarks, and other custom shapes can be created in the same process so that your sign incorporates all the elements of your business identity that you want the public to see.

Lighting for channel letter signs

In addition to standing out from the flat surface they’re mounted on, channel letters can be illuminated in a number of ways to add even more visual interest. Channel letters may be front- or back-lit depending on the branding or identity that’s trying to be achieved. Lighting channel letters not only ensures the signage will be noticeable at night, but can provide elements of colour and brightness during the day, which can capture more viewers and help passers-by identify your business amid its surroundings.

To illuminate the sign, neon gas tubes used to be common but now light-emitting diode (LED) modules are used. This lighting offers a range of lighting colour options, so you can ensure your company’s colours appear as part of the sign. LED’s are long lasting, reliable, and use much less power than neon.

Uses for channel letters

All sorts of business, in all sorts of locations, utilize channel letters for their signage. They’re particularly useful if you operate a business inside a shopping mall, strip plaza, or on a busy street with lots of pedestrian traffic. Channel letters in these settings help stores mark their place and broadcast their identity amongst the myriad of other businesses nearby.

Signs comprised of channel letters are also used frequently for corporate offices on large buildings. The signs that you’ll see near the top of office buildings are usually made of channel letters to indicate what company or companies reside in those buildings. Without those signs, the buildings would look like any other office complex.

In addition to external signage, channel letters can also be used as interior signage to reinforce a company’s brand and identity. You may see channel letter signs standing out from the wall behind a reception desk. That’s an effective way of showcasing professionalism to visitors when they first enter your business.

If you’re interested in installing a channel letter sign at your business, whether it’s inside or outside your store or office, contact us to see what we can create for you.