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Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated channel letters are a great way to get noticed. Channel letters can be front and/or back lit and can be coupled with custom logo shapes.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are 3 dimensional letters that have a depth to them to stand out better, have a more upscale look, and can have LED lighting installed into them so that they are internally illuminated. The depth(returns) of the letters are usually 3” -6” and are made of aluminum. The faces are acrylic so that light can shine through them and they can be different colours. Channel letters can be used indoor and outdoors, and can also be made of solid aluminum or stainless steel for a classy long lasting look.

Illuminated channel letters – The great thing about channel letters is that they can be fitted inside with strings of LED lights that are inexpensive, cheap to run, and last a long time. Gone are the days of expensive neon lights that break, burn out, and need repair or replacement!

Front lit – are the most common channel letters that are mounted flush, with translucent faces so that the light shines through the front and the faces are lit.

Halo lit (Reverse Channel)– Halo lit channel letters are those that are pin mounted off the building and are rear lit so that the light shines out the back, therefore giving a “halo” effect. Letters can be both front lit and halo lit.


Letters can be covered with vinyl application to give the appearance of black letters in the day and white at night to maximize visibility.