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Sunbrella with Metal Awnings for Commercial Buildings

Sunbrella with Metal Awnings for Commercial Buildings

With metal awnings for commercial buildings, you can add a dramatic feature to your storefront, attracting attention and getting more traffic through your door. If you want to stand out from your competition and your neighbors, you can get the best metal awnings for commercial buildings from the team at About Signs Limited.

Our frame aluminum awnings in Toronto and Hamilton can be covered with Sunbrella, an innovative material that provides a high-end aesthetic with excellent durability.

The Advantages of Aluminum Awnings in Hamilton and Toronto

Fabric canopies are supported by aluminum awnings in Hamilton and Toronto. The design of the frame is just as important as the material and the signage.

Aluminum awnings in Hamilton and Toronto are reliable. Aluminum naturally resists corrosion, by forming a thin patina that prevents further degradation of the material. Aluminum is more resistant to the elements when compared to other materials like coated steel.

Aluminum awnings in Hamilton and Toronto are also lightweight, so they’re suited to most storefronts, no matter the construction of the building. Unlike heavier awning structures, there will be little risk of damage over time.

The material is relatively easy to work with, so aluminum awnings in Hamilton and Toronto can be fabricated quickly. The turnaround time on your project will be reduced, so you can go from concept to installation without any major delays.

If you are looking for the best aluminum awnings in Hamilton and Toronto, you can talk to our team today to begin the consultation and design process. We are one of the most trusted aluminum awning companies in Southwestern Ontario.

Adding a Fabric Canopy to Aluminum Awnings in Toronto and Hamilton

The aluminum frame defines the structure and shape of the awning. It’s the fabric canopy that brings it all together. With About Signs Limited, you’ll have a range of material options to wrap around the frame of aluminum awnings in Toronto and Hamilton.

The right material depends on the aesthetic and overall performance that you’re looking for. The best aluminum awning companies will give you a range of options.

  • If you want a contemporary look with excellent durability, you could choose vinyl for your aluminum awnings in Toronto or Hamilton.
  • If you’re looking for something more traditional, a fabric like Sunbrella or canvas will be ideal.
  • If you want a traditional aesthetic with the best options for colour and printing, Sunbrella is the preferred choice.

Sunbrella is an innovative material that is used extensively for aluminum awnings in Toronto and Hamilton. It can work for traditional awning styles and more modern styles and shapes.

If you have shade umbrellas around your premises (such as at a café or restaurant), Sunbrella will blend in with the overall aesthetic.

Why do Businesses Prefer Sunbrella Metal Awnings for Commercial Buildings?

Sunbrella offers a beautiful aesthetic with excellent stability in all weather conditions. The material is available in a range of colours so you can choose the one that best suits your exterior and your brand image. We hand paint the highest quality text and graphics on Sunbrella metal awnings for commercial buildings. Whether you want simple lettering or detailed graphics, we’ll incorporate your vision in a way that draws attention and captivates your target audience.

  • Sunbrella is fade resistant so the awning will look better for longer.
  • The material resists mould and organic contaminants.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are minimal with Sunbrella metal awnings for commercial buildings.
  • Sunbrella blocks UV rays, which can keep your windows and entryways cooler.
  • Durability is excellent. Sunbrella can stand up to heavy wind without tearing.

Awnings are practical, offering protection from the sun and rain. They can shield your entryway, windows, or even outdoor areas used for seating.

Awnings Combine Well with Traditional Signage

You can use awnings as your primary form of signage with text and graphics. Or, metal awnings for commercial buildings can complement the main focal point of your storefront signage. Our team provides a range of signage solutions including popular styles of channel letters and lit signs. If you want the best storefront signage, we can combine all your needs into a single project.

The Best Aluminum Awning Companies Give You Options

About Signs Limited is one of the most trusted aluminum awning companies in Ontario. We can provide a detailed consultation to design your awnings and will provide options based on your design brief. While Sunbrella is an excellent material for many businesses, you might have something different in mind. We will always recommend the products that suit the project’s needs. That’s one of the things that sets us apart from other aluminum awning companies.

You can get an estimate from our team today. Successful businesses choose About Signs Limited when they want the most reliable aluminum awning companies. Stand out on the street with aluminum awnings and Sunbrella, vinyl, or canvas canopies. We’re ready to get started on your project with the best metal awnings for commercial buildings.