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Taking Inspiration from Famous TV Show Signs and Movie Signs

Taking Inspiration from Famous TV Show Signs and Movie Signs

Taking Inspiration from Famous TV Show Signs and Movie Signs

If you’re stuck for inspiration or if you simply want an example of how signage can be so memorable, you don’t need to look further than famous TV show signs and movie signs. In fiction, just like in the real world, signs need to be unique and eye-catching. Think of all the brands that you interact with daily and how memorable their signage can be. You can probably think of more than a few famous TV show signs and movie signs that are just as unforgettable.

It’s often said that art imitates life. But in this case, life can also imitate art. Let’s look at how famous TV show signs are memorable around the world and the insights that you can gain from them.

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What are the Most Memorable Famous TV Show Signs for You?

What are the famous TV show signs and movie signs that stick with you the most? For many, they come from the golden and classic ages of cinema. Others look to more modern famous TV show signs. Wherever your favorites are, the fact that you even remember them only reinforces the fact that memorable signage is effective.

  • In Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1960 film Psycho, the neon-lit Bates Motel sign is one that most people remember. This style of classic neon sign can still be seen at motels throughout North America, although today LED lighting is used rather than traditional neon.
  • In the Simpson’s TV show, some of the most famous TV show signs of all can be seen. From the outdoor Welcome to Springfield sign to the large illuminated letters of the Kwik-E-Mart, these are signs that people can instinctively call to mind, despite them only existing in a fictional animated world.
  • Perhaps one of the most recognizable of all is the Central Perk sign featured in the sitcom Friends. This was a painted window sign in the series, although today it would more likely be applied as a vinyl decal. It’s simple, has a recognizable coffee cup graphic, and the name itself is a pun hinting at the perkiness that a fresh cup of coffee can give you.

Famous TV show signs don’t have to be left to the realm of fiction. You can take inspiration from these signs and others that you see so that you can design an even better sign for your business.

What are the Points to Note in Fictional Signs?

Just like in the real world, fictional signs from TV and cinema cover some basic elements to ensure that they are memorable.

There are some key aspects that every great sign shares…

  • The sign should have simple text to convey a message that’s easy to understand.
  • The visual aspect should be appealing with a harmonious combination of colour and graphics.
  • The sign should be visible in all conditions.
  • Graphics should be appropriate to the business brand or its industry.

The visual appeal can come from colours that attract attention, lighting that illuminates the sign, and branding elements like specific graphics. Signs build recognition and many people will take notice and remember your company for the type of signage that it has. You should use your sign to not only attract attention but also to reinforce brand recognition.

There’s a Lesson to be Learned in Companies with Anchor Logos

Graphics also matter. How many companies with anchor logos have you seen? This is a popular element for certain types of businesses.

For example, if you run a seafood restaurant, you might consider incorporating something similar to companies with anchor logos or using blue and white colours to evoke the sea and sky. These kinds of elements can help create a strong visual association with your business and make it more memorable to customers.

Companies with anchor logos aren’t alone in the fact that there are extensive similarities across different industries. Companies with anchor logos can be found in shipping and also in some hardware brands (the anchor signifies stability and strength). There are even companies with anchor logos in the dairy industry, signifying the fact that dairy products are one of the world’s most traded commodities with a strong shipping link.

Companies with anchor logos almost have their job done for them, because anchors are relatively simple graphics that can be recreated in print and on high-quality signage. The point is that no matter your industry, there are ways to use simple but memorable and meaningful graphics that are relevant to your brand identity or industry.

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